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Default My 2017 xv

I'm looking to lift my 2017 XV on a 2 inch lift and I'm trying to stay on the stock rims and go up a tire size. Also just wanted to introduce my car to the club. It's originally desert khaki and yes that's plasti dip. If you have any questions on anything else I'm glad to help!
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Looking good mate. Will look even better with that 2" lift. Plasti dip is great stuff.
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Well here is my 2 cents for what it is worth since I have the same model that you have 2017 Limited and I did some research into this and also was lucky enough to talk to a former auto mechanical engineer.

Anderson I think makes a good lift kit - have had my 2" for almost a year and I am very happy with it.

I mounted Yokohama Geolander A/T Go15 235/60R16 tires on 16x7 Matte Graphite Silver Sparco Assetto Gara wheels.

It was impressed upon me that keeping the same wheel off-set as the car was designed for was important for safety, performance and reliability which is why I picked wheels with the same off-set as OEM. The other important point is to keep the overall all wheel/tire diameter as close to OEM as possible as well. This will eliminate rubbing issues keep your speedometer readings accurate and keep the car within the handling parameters for which it was designed. I would definitely suggest not to try to go up a tire size on OEM wheels unless you just mean a little fatter even with the 2" lift.

Because I was putting bigger and therefore heavier tires on the car I had to put smaller wheels i.e.16" to keep the diameter close to OEM but just as important was to get lighter wheels but strong wheels.

I chose the tire because I wanted AT tires but because I am on pavement over 90% of the time they had to work well on highway and two lane blacktop as well as off pavement and on the beach.

I also put a strut brace up front and, against the advice of my mechanic, a thicker anti-sway bar in the rear. The car really stays planted in the curves on the two lane black top I drive on a lot here in NC. The thicker sway bar means less suspension travel in the rear which for serious off-roading is not good but I mainly am on the beach or on unpaved roads nothing serious in term of going off road so I am fine with the trade off.
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That was a great point, im not looking to go too far up from my stock size, I think the Yokohama's I found were 215/60r17 (stock is 225/55r17) which isn't really a difference at all, but I can't find any all terrain/off road tires to fit the stock rim and not rub. I work at firestone and there is no all terrain or off road firestone or Bridgestone tire (because I get 50% off) it's just a little frustrating because i can't really spend the money on the wheels, lift, and tires all at once. I'll just have to wait on the tires and go with the lift first. Unless anyone has found any all terrain tire that fits the stock rim
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Welcome to the club!

If you're new to the brand, I highly recommend you check out the "New to Subaru" thread... though with a 2017, I'm assuming you've gotten fairly familiar with Subaru's vehicles so far.

What's the light setup you got on there so far?
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Oh I'm a Subaru geek, I've been familiar with subarus ever since I've been able to turn a wrench. The light setup is the SSD performance rally light bar with my own custom setup of lights.
I'm going to give a detailed description of how the lights are set up because I'm passionate about my Subaru (lol) and I love to help others on the forum. It's a great setup and I highly reccommend it, as I've installed a lot of LED's over the years. The SSD rally light bar comes with 4 mounting tabs (the two on the outside are for mounting lights and I believe the middle 2 are for a license plate bracket. I mounted a 28" auxbeam RGB light bar to the top. This is a great light bar, I highly recommend it, even though it's around 170$. It has the full color wheel with strobes so you can control whatever color it is or make your own color patterns, all controlled off a smartphone. Or you could use it as a standard combo beam light bar. (I will insert a picture of the colors if i have them) on the bottom, I have 2 of the 4 inch pods on the outside and 2 6.5" led pods on the inside. These are both fog lights and all pointed Slightly down and each light is curved out slightly. I have the bottom 4 wired to one switch and the top on a separate switch. This works great when it's foggy or rainy, and can be used on the street because they are fog lights and not focused into one point, and because they are pointed down, not blinding other drivers. Overall it's a great combo. I'm soon mounting up a roof led light bar, I'm contemplating which switch to wire it to, probably the same switch as the 28.
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