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Any thoughts on which is a better choice for my 2014?

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Welcome to the club!

For headlights, it is best to stick with the factory option. The reflectors in your headlight were designed for halogen headlight bulbs so those are best considering the engineering resources to optimize its use for halogen bulbs.

This thread on legality also echoes some of my thoughts on the unfortunately-common bulb changing modification: http://www.jeepforum.com/forum/f428/...legal-3600962/

IMO, if you will inevitably swap bulbs using the stock headlamp assemblies, don't waste your money on HID's and get LED's. The LED bulbs, based on limited pictures I've seen, seem to have better use of factory reflector housings than HID bulbs, which spew light everywhere and can actually worsen vision at night.

Another thing to add since you're asking about bulbs, Kelvin color temperature doesn't mean higher light output, it just means higher color rating. Color choice for human eyesight is probably best kept at around 3200K to 6000K, though I personally think 6000K is unnecessarily-blue for fashion reasons. Also, please don't be the fool who gets 8000K or higher color temperature bulbs thinking it is brighter, you will actually end up seeing less.
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being lazy, i'd go with led, because hid requires a ballast for higher voltage, and leds can be direct replacements. and because led produces more light (i.e. less heat) for the same wattage (and is usually lower wattage anyway), it's less likely to melt your light housings.

leds pump out roughly 10x as much light per watt, so you can easily use half the power, and still get 4x the light output.

as for colour, like what AWDfreak said... with one extra thought: blue light actually makes it more difficult to focus, which is why pilots and hunters like yellow/orange glasses. so blasting lots of blue light down the road isn't a great idea, unless you're hunting smurfs at night.
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My 2014 came with HID from the factory and they are amazing, I will never own halogen headlamps again !. I am curious about LED but don't have and input though.
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i'm thinking of maybe replacing my halogen highbeams with leds (the lowbeams are factory hid).

for me, the issues seem to be: the legality of extra bright lights (the law is obtuse and contradictory), how the led works at reduced voltage (the highbeams are the factory daytime running lights, dropped down to ~8v), and the reliability of the little built-in fans (all the led headlights seem to have them) over the 10-12 years that i hope to keep the car.

all 3 seem to boil down to "suck it and see".
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C-Light Switchback LED Halos

I might be considering these for DRL. But, I am really hesitant to let someone pull apart my headlight unit. Wish someone would build an all-in-one headlight unit.
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