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Default Popping sound

I noticed a Popping sound either when placing the car in drive only on first start when cold or when turning the wheel all the way to the right and it pops just before you reach the max turn.. I also noticed a rattle in the center of the car under the dash in the area of the CVT when at 2,200 -3,100 RPM and if I back off it goes away and comes back when I accelerate again. I did change my rear diff fluid to check color and that looked good but will change the front diff here soon. Looking for ideas on what it might be.. Car does have 105,000 miles and is a 2014.. Almost all Arizona driving with a few trips to Colorado.

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I can't say for sure. You've driven quite a lot of miles like I have, but I have the 5-speed manual transmission instead.

This seems nearly irrelevant, but just a thought, were the tires properly and regularly maintained?
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I also have a popping sound when I turn my wheel all the way to the right. I took it to the dealer to get it checked out and they told me its the strut mounts that are bad. There is a bulletin out for it. TSB 05-61-16. dealer wants to charge $788.90 to fix them and thats without the alignment which would be another $173.12. The replacement strut mounts can be found for $40 each and the job to replace them does not look hard at all after doing some extensive research.
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When I owned a 2014 XV Crosstrek it had popping noises and the feel and sound of loose parts from the front struts and front end components, specialty when it was cold out over road imperfections. Funny thing, I recently test drove a 2018 Limited CVT to see what improvements were made with the new platform. Behold the 2018 made the same noises, and the same vibrations over the slightest road imperfections. The old 2014 felt somewhat better over larger bumps. Just the direction the "new" Subaru company is moving in to sell more cars. My old 2004 Forester was more expensive, however was SO much better and tighter. Good Luck!
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