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bradg 06-14-2017 07:15 PM

Tire and wheel package 2017 CT
Couldn't find this in other posts. Have "17 CT, changing to 15" 501 methods, about 17 lbs. (5 lbs light than stocks). Gonna have yokohamas new A/T G015 in the 215 70 15 Light Truck (6 ply and 31 lbs each) put on these Methods. These are 6 lbs heavier than the stock tires, yielding a 1 lb. increase in weight per tire/wheel. Will this be a problem? I know the tire is just under an inch taller than stocks so this will have some impact on the power and fuel mileage. BUT, the tire is a little skinnier, so Im hoping that the one pound difference will be negligible. ANY Thoughts on this will be appreciated. I need the LT tire for the dirt roads in Mexico so I'm hoping this works. Thanks

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