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Default Class Action Law Suit/Excessive Oil Consumption

Did anybody get something in the mail from Subaru? I did. Apparently, somebody filed a class action lawsuit against Subaru for excessive oil consumption and invited other owners to participate or ask for reimbursement.

I'm one of the first members here, getting my Crosstrek in 2012. I remember in the early discussions someone mentioned the oil consumption issue. At that time I never had one. The manual says to change the oil every 7500 miles. I find it too far apart, so I change mine every 5,000 miles. About 4 oil changes ago, I started getting the oil light about 1,000 miles before I'm due for an oil change, so I just add another quart of oil and it goes away.

I guess this is my version of "excessive oil consumption." I don't think I will participate in that lawsuit. I really have had no damages and surely will not ask for reimbursement of the extra oil I've poured in it.

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Got my letter today, waiting for another one for my wife's XV.
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My 2013 Outback was part of the class action but I no longer own it. My 2014 XV isn't part of the class action. I got the letter last week...
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I own a 13 crosstrek with 137000 miles on it. I have to add a quart or more around 3000 miles and I also am getting unbelievably horrible gas mileage now. I understand that with higher mileage come some decrease in gas mileage but if i would have known that this is what subaru calls "normal" I wouldn't have bought one. has anyone else been told these are normal issues? I certainly haven't had issues like this with any other vehicle ive owned with high mileage. Pardon if i sound ignorant, im not much of a gear head with cars
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Let it be known, that in the owner's manual, it indicates oil consumption of 1200 miles per U.S. quart consumed is considered "normal" Any lower miles for 1 U.S. quart consumed is considered "excessive consumption" according to the owner's manual.

Bear in mind if you are not happy with your current engine oil consumption, you SHOULD consider taking an engine oil consumption test by a Subaru service center. If your engine fails the engine oil consumption test, Subaru of America is obligated to, under warranty if vehicle is under 100,000 miles (unfortunately for you, this no longer applies), replace the short block for no charge.
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