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Default Central PA newbie


My name is Randy and I live in Central PA and my other car is a canoe ...or a kayak ... depends on the day!

I guess I got the cart before the horse here. I started posting before introducing myself. I had a 2010 Tacoma Off Road pickup. To make a long story short, I rolled her three times in MD on I-83. Thanks to God and Toyota safety engineering I was walking around when the first responders arrived.

I had to good fortune to have a back-up vehicle in a 2002 Ford Escape, which has 145k miles and is a rock solid vehicle in it's own right. So, I took my time and really researched around. The Taco was my daily driver and at 16-17 mpg it was tough to shell out that much in gas. I was perusing the car sites and happened on the Subaru website. And when I saw the Crosstrek I was hooked. (think running in an open field in slow motion towards your dream car with your arms out hooked) lol

When I really thought about where I took my Taco, the Crosstrek will go everywhere I need it to. Mostly rocky, muddy trails to a canoe/kayak put-in along a river or lake . Will my XV go everywhere the Taco could? Of course not, but for a daily driver that can do all of the things my XV can AND get 28 combined mpg - it was a no-brainer. Plus I had a mid 80's Subie station wagon and had fond memories of that car and its reliable simplicity. In fact, I am a member of Tacoma World Forums and there are a couple of great Crosstrek threads on there! Very positive comments.

Anyway, I hope this forum grows into what the Tacoma forum was for me. A vast repository of great info and good folks to chat with. I think it will!


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Default Re: Central PA newbie

Hey, thanks for posting up an intro!

That's crazy about your Taco, glad it turned out ok and you're alright. I've never been in a substantial car wreck (knock on wood) so I can't really imagine what flipping three times would be like.

The Taco was one of the cars I was looking at before finding the Crosstrek. They really are hard to beat off-road but, just like you, I don't need to get anywhere that the Crosstrek won't, and with gas prices the way they are I am not complaining about the Crosstrek's MPG.

It feels as though are small community here is growing and growing each month and hopefully it stays on that track! I don't watch much live TV (I'm a Hulu/Netflix addict) but I still haven't seen a specific Crosstrek commercial here in the states. Hopefully as time goes on the Crosstrek will be advertised some and start showing up all over the country. I am in Los Angeles and though I know there are a couple other owners in the city, I have yet to see another one.
- Phil
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Default Re: Central PA newbie

Congrats on your new crosstrek! Good to hear you were ok from your wreck! We have a 2005 Tacoma but it's not off road...but still love our truck though! Our Crosstrek will be replacing our 98 grand Cherokee the gas mileage can't even compare to the jeep!lol Our crosstrek is on order so we haven't gotten it yet. Welcome to the group!
Tina :)

Lovin' our Crosstrek 8)
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