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Default Happy New Year from Seattle!

Hi Everyone,

It's New Year's Day and I took some great photos to post in my intro, but sadly they are too big to attach. I was able to upload a good one as my avatar. If anyone knows how I can save them in a simpler format so they are uploadable, I'd appreciate the help.

My 13.5 yr old Xterra (which I will love til death do us part) has needed a little TLC lately, like when the alternator died a month ago. That was the same day Mazda announced the first U.S. diesel would be in the Mazda6 sedan and not the CX-5. So foo-ey on Mazda!

With some fears it may be too small for longer road trips, I reserved the last car in the Dec allocation at my local dealership. Top of the wish list - I would like to be able to drive my grandma (98), mom (71), and two 60 lbs dogs - flat-coat retriever (9) and choc lab (7). We are Chinese so we are all short (no Mongolian blood). I'm the tallest at 5'2" and sometimes I even have trouble getting in when wearing a skirt. Most guys don't have such issues but maybe this info will help someone.

The Xterra is too tall for gma, mom climbing in with effort and some day will need a ramp for dogs. I also need ground clearance for clam digging on salt water beach, ski and snowshoe excursions. Also nice to have in Nov when Seattle streets have standing water. Just replaced corroded/rusted muffler and exhaust pipe on Xterra, alternator dying drove me to action. If you need combo ground clearance and lower seats I'm convinced Crosstrek is your best choice. Forester has adjustable height passenger seat in 2012s, but fuel economy not as good and styling not for everyone. I also have a shallow garage so less than 178 in (Xterra) was desirable.

I also chose the Crosstrek over the CX-5 b/c if I don't have 4WD I want the best AWD out there. Also with standard all weather package and heated cloth seats (I don't like leather), it just seemed most capable and appropriate for hauling dogs and the level of off-roading I do. CX-5 seems like it's more for people who want an SUV but their cars never leave pavement, IMO. I also met a woman buying an '04 Forester to haul around her dogs so if I don't keep the Crosstrek until it dies it seems there is a better aftermarket, especially with all the canine-related marketing Subaru does.

Have some questions which I will post separately. Really enjoying all your comments and looking forward to trading information. This is my first auto forum, BTW.

Happy 2013 (Year of the Crosstrek)!

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Default Re: Happy New Year from Seattle!

Hi there, SeaGal, welcome and thank you for signing up to our ever-growing forum.

It seems like quite a few Crosstrek owners, or soon-to-be-owners, consider(ed) the Xterra or are coming straight from an Xterra but couldn't quite do it for different reasons -- too big, not good enough gas mileage, more than they needed in a truck, etc. It sounds like you really know your way around cars and did your due-diligence in researching your vehicle purchase and we are very happy you went with the Crosstrek.

I have had mine three weeks now and have been loving it more and more every day. I actually leave tomorrow morning for a three-day, cross-country drive from North Carolina to California so I will really be putting the Crosstrek to a highway test and of course I will post about it.

As far as image resizing, I have used this website when in a pinch, http://www.picresize.com/ and it seems to do the job just fine. You can select how big you want the picture to be by height and width and/or maximum file size. Either that or use a free online host to upload your images and put them in your post. I highly recommend imgur.com -- it's free, no signup required, and very easy to use.

Again, welcome aboard and we look forward to your input on the forum!
- Phil
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