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Default Re: Hello Fine people, Aren't we all Newbs on this owners site?!

Originally Posted by RubySu
I m with that thinking too- wishing for extra 100 hp every now and then. Nothing wrong with the need for speed! I do like the great mileage but when I start rowing thru my manual at high revs, say up to 5000, it really kills the mileage but it gives me a shot of that great boxer sound....which is addictive.
It may not be the fastest 4cyl crossover but I doubt any competitors sound as good.

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Default Re: Hello Fine people, Aren't we all Newbs on this owners site?!

Welcome RubySu! I like the fact that everyone is pretty much a XV noobie. That's one of the great things about this forum. As people change and add things to the Crosstrek, we get to see it pretty much first hand. I can't wait to see what crazy stuff people end up doing to these things.
"When's the last time you did something for the first time?"
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Default Re: Hello Fine people, Aren't we all Newbs on this owners site?!

Originally Posted by RubySu
Thank you all for that kind welcome! I miss that V so.... I sold it to a man out in Utah and as part of the deal, I would drive it to him, from Chas. SC. no less. In return, he bought a 1st class ticket for me to get back home. When I signed over the title, that car had just over 9K on the odometer. I have a gentleman s agreement that when he gets tired of it, he ll sell it back to me. As of Dec. 2012, he still has it as I emailed him around Christmas. I didn't tell him I hit 179 mph on way out there! I am not kidding either! 179! I could see my heart beating through my shirt! I still don t know what came over me having never been over 120 or so before that!

Anyway, that post about the 6 speed Station wagon - that is the awesome truth brother! Someday, that version you describe is going to sell at Barrett Jackson for a half mil. No doubt!

Great to be here! Go easy on those rice burner cars now, I used to have a Si and when that vtec kicked in, that motor would scream. All good my friends, all good.
That's not what I meant when I said ricers. I'm a car enthusiast that enjoys all kinds of stuff, whether it be the microscopic Honda engine revving someone's heart out down to the heavy truck scene who loves to pull anything and everything they can.

I may not like everything, but I can appreciate everything.

More car people joining is always a good thing
"Why would I want to profess my feelings for some 3D girl?" - Tomoya Aki from the anime Saekano
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