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Default Re: Hello from New Boston, NH

Originally Posted by lawlopez
I drive a Prius mostly.

But winter is approaching and my 2005 Prius won't get up my 1200' driveway reliably because it is steep and because of snow and because of ground clearance.

I worry about the hybrid crosstrek not likeing to drive up hills like the Prius.

I've drove a crosstrek CVT and really liked that.
I've drove a 2014 6MT forester and I really liked that too.

The owner reviews of the crosstrek on edmunds are somewhat disconcerting:
many people wouldn't buy the crosstrek again.
Hope you find a Subie you like. If you are considering the Hybrid Crosstrek it is different from the Prius. It actually has the same 4 cylinder engine as the regular model but adds electric motors to assist range and average mpg. So if anything it will have more torque then the all-gas model. As for reviews every car has short comings. It has to do with your expectations. I had a 2012 Impreza so was aware of the lack of hp but that was not a consideration. Road clearance and MPG were important to me. During break-in when you are not suppose to drive over 4000rpm I was getting close to 40mpg. After break-in I didn't drive as conservatively so now get from 25 - 29 around town but can hit low 30s on the highway. So yes these cars can deliver the mpg advertised but driving habits are a huge factor. As far as quality and noise levels my car has been awesome. No rattles, the road noise is not intrusive. Its been noted that the roof racks add a lot of wind noise so maybe some had racks and weren't aware of the problem. These cars were designed for best in class gas milage and at a good value price point. To get the same options in other brands can run $1000s more and Subaru has a history of reliability and does AWD just about better than anybody.

Good luck on your research.
"Just down the road in Milford."

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Default Re: Hello from New Boston, NH

I ended up getting a 2010 Outback Premium with 55,000 miles with a sunroof for $16,800.

I'll probably trade it in for a used hybrid crosstrek when someone
grows out of it.

I love it by the way.

Thanks for all the help.
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