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Default Hello from Northern NJ

Per the instructions my first post is in the newbie category. My new dark grey 13 Crosstrek has a 5-speed. I have no desire to own an automatic. This is my third Subaru. First was an Outback with a 5-speed, then I bought a black 2006 Impreza, also with a 5-speed, which was bulletproof. One spark plug wire shorted out at 50k, I changed the timing belt, drive belts and spark plugs at 99k, had a full brake job at 116k and replaced the reverse light switch at 125k. Other than Mobil One every 10k and tires, that was the maintenance. Amazing car. Just traded it in w/133k for this Crosstrek. Bought it because I needed a car with a larger back seat. The new Legacy is nice, but you can only get a manual trans with the most basic of models and frankly that was unappealing. The Crosstrek gets lots of looks and everyone seems to like it. It drives well enough but honestly this is the slowest car I have ever owned. The 06 Impreza was 200 pounds lighter and had 30 more horsepower. It was like a Ferrari compared to the Crosstrek. The transmission has poor feel and the driving dynamic is generally mediocre. Subaru completely missed the mark and I hope they improve this in 2014 and 2015. For whatever reason, the revs hang up much too high between shifts (emission purposes???), which is very odd. The mileage, however, is unbelievable. I have averaged 34.1 mpg since I bought the car over 4000 miles ago. You can't argue with that.

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