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Default Howdy All

My name is Nick and I live in Northern Utah. I'm getting within a few years of retirement age. I'm a vehicle junkie, always have been. I have a business where I build custom motorcycles, some are Harley-Davidsons, others are based on them. I also fab special parts, build big hot rod motors, do general repairs and sell parts. American V-Twins are all I work on.

I have several Harleys of my own but generally ride a dual-purpose Suzuki DR650 or an '07 GSX-R 600. I raced Gixxrs, 750 and 1100s for over a decade and love them. My wife and I each have a German sports car with a boxer 6 cylinder motor for fun and weekends, she drives a Lexus Hybrid SUV and I a lifted Jeep Cherokee for our daily duties.

My hobbies are hiking, rock and ice climbing, exploring and 4 wheeling in the deserts and generally off road. I'm also pretty serious into photography, mainly to save images of all the beauty in nature I experience and help me recall all the wondrous things I get involved in. I'm an adrenalin junky big time and do a lot of what most people think is crazy. Solo adventures in the mountains during a snowstorm at night on foot. Hiking in the desert and climbing remote peaks solo. 4 wheeling solo in the desert 50 miles from the nearest paved road. I don't own a cell phone and am self reliant.

Anyway, I'm thinking of retiring my Jeep after 14 wonderful years. It still runs terrific, I'm doing a major service on it, changing oils, lubes, brake fluid, filters, new leaf springs, new tires, making it as near perfect as I can, then giving it to my 36 y/o son for a DD and fun. I'm looking at getting a Subaru for myself and focusing on an XV. I'm doing all my due diligence now and want to learn as much as possible rather than after the fact. My plans are to mod it and make it more off road worthy than stock. I want it to still be a freeway cruiser and retain good fuel economy.

Nice meeting you all, see you in the threads!

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Default Re: Howdy All

Welcome Nick! From the sounds of it, many of us can learn a few things from you. I look forward to see you here on the site.

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Default Re: Howdy All

Welcome Bignick! Hope you enjoy it here as much as we all do. And we'll be looking forward to pics! :-)
~~ "We do not inherit the earth... We borrow it from our children" ~~
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Default Re: Howdy All

Well I know for a fact that your type of adventuresome spirit will be very welcome on this site! I'm not quite to retirement age but getting closer all the time. Turn 48 in a few days. Some of those situations you've found yourself in sound like a blast to me! I know we all will love seeing the pictures of your excursions- they (pics)are very popular on CCt.

So again, Welcome to the site! I think the Crosstrek will make a excellent vehicle for you. I also think your son is a very fortunate man! Enjoy. 8)
"If you start out stupid enough, you learn something new everyday". - My Dad
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Default Re: Howdy All

Welcome Nick, I myself plan to mod my XV little by little for further offroad capabilities. To start I can say it performed well I'm Anza Borrego Desert In southern California.

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Default Re: Howdy All

Welcome bignick! I grew up climbing with my father. I've only ever done rock, though he is big into ice as well.

I'm sure you will find plenty on the forums, but it seems like the aftermarket for the crosstrek is starting to pick up now. You shouldn't have to wait long to find some possibilities!
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Default Re: Howdy All

Welcome. Congrats on retirement!
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Default Re: Howdy All


Welcome to CCT! I must ask.... Need a best friend? LOL!! We have a lot in common, just from your intro... Jeeps, bikes and custom fab... I am or have been into all three my entire life.

The XV is a very versatile vehicle that brings a lot of what folks want to the table.... style, looks, reliability, comfort, economic, AWD and safe to mention a few.

Glad you joined us to learn and pick our brains to help aid in your decision. We are a great bunch of folks... honestly... like an extended family that you will learn quick enough what I mean.

Soak up what you can from posts and ask the smallest questions you have without hesitation.... you will get your answers.

Again.... WELCOME!!!

"Life is tough... but it's tougher when you're stupid." ~John Wayne
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Default Re: Howdy All

I don't know how I let this intro slip under my radar, and for that I apologize. So, welcome to the site, thank you for joining. It sounds like you are quite the outdoorsman as well as have a great knowledge of cars, bikes, etc.

Great to have you join us and look forward to (hopefully) hearing about your Crosstrek adventures.
- Phil
[email protected]
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