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Default Re: New member here glad to see so many fans of the XV

Hi there, suuichi, welcome to the club. Congrats on the purchase of the Crosstrek, it sounds like you're loving it even with a couple of disappointments.

As for the power, it is a bit underpowered for what Subaru could do, but I think once you learn to drive the CVT you will really get a feel of how to use what is there -- at least in my experience.

Thank you for signing up!

- Phil
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Default Re: New member here glad to see so many fans of the XV

Originally Posted by suuichi
Well that sucks lol i drive 65 mph on the highway and im not to say disappointed cause it still goods decent gas millage but i wish theyd release a more realistic number for realistic driving. But I love my vehicle i just cant wait for the new WRX STI concept to come out i want that and a better BRZ. Plus im just tired of the US not getting all the good subarus like everyone else is.
I couldn't agree more about the US not getting the 6 speed OR the diesel!! If I had had that option, I wouldn't have hesitated to spend the extra $$$ and enjoyed all that torque and better mpg. I'm putting on my TorqueLift hitch today....think of how much more than 1500 lbs I'd be able to tow! Oh well, I'm just sayin, if the diesel comes, I will go and trade this model for it. Period. End of story! Maybe Subaru will be motivated by the number of diesels other manufacturers, besides VW, are introducing here. Bring it Subaru! We know it will cost more and we want it!
"If you start out stupid enough, you learn something new everyday". - My Dad
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Default Re: New member here glad to see so many fans of the XV

Originally Posted by RubySu
Originally Posted by suuichi
I am from Des Moines, IA but i am currently stationed at Fort Riley, KS waiting for my orders to get out of service. I have driven Subarus since 2010 when i bought a 2008 Impreza 2.5i. I loved that car and started do alot of research about them. I wanted to get a BRZ but with it being RWD I didnt feel comfortable haveing that as my everyday car so I traded in my Impreza for a XV and i love it but just a little disappointed by a misguiding MPG rating and lack of performance in the engine which is underpowered in this car. But i love it no matter what.
Hello and welcome to the site! Also, thank you for your service....lots of us on here. I have to ask what you mean by "misguiding mpg rating?" In my experience, the rating has been too low. I have a manual transmission that gets 33 mpg at 65 mph. I also average 28 in town, minimally. Believe it or not I've yet not to average 30 /gal for each and every full tank of gas. I've got 9956 miles on my XV and it did get better as the mileage accumulated- hope yours does the same.
Thanks very much my medical board came through so im getting medical retirement and just in time. The Army is changing for the worse.
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