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Default Talking myself into an XV

I was looking at the Crosstek earlier this year as a replacement for my wife's Prius, as we really should have at least one AWD vehicle in our garage. I ultimately decided to buy the Prius last month when its lease was up, then last week she totalled it. Now I'm forced to buy her something else and am considering let her have the "fun" car (a MINI Cooper S) and I'll switch to something infinitely more practical than my current car (exciting but useless Camaro SS convertible). I very much like the the concept and appearance of the XV, I'm just trying to convince myself that I won't absolutely hate dropping to about 1/3 my current hp & torque, and doubling my 0-60 time, even though it makes sense for my 70 mile daily commute. The price and (and to some extent ground clearance) of the WRX are unattractive to me, plus it wouldn't make much sense in the same garage as a Mini S. The Forester aesthetics are a lot better now than a few years ago, but I'm still not a fan. The Outback is still in the running, but I suspect the Crosstrek will win out once I wrap my head around taking my wife's car on the days that I want some fun in my driving experience.

Just us and a couple dogs, I'm guessing I'll go with a Premium. I'd prefer the upgraded sound system, leather, and backup camera of the Limited, but I also want a moonroof and don't care about navigation. In the end, the price difference between the two trims works out to $5k, which I can't justify just for the parts I want (mostly the leather, but also better sound/camera system).

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Default Re: Talking myself into an XV

I would test drive both the XV and the Outback. I did and both were good cars but it depends on your needs. If you need/want the extra power and room go with the Outback. If fuel economy and practical fun is more your priority then the XV is probably better.
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Default Re: Talking myself into an XV

I was going outback myself, but ended up with the crosstrek after evaluating my real needs for the car. As a commuter car I do find the XV fun to drive. I do bumper to bumper every day, so I don't find the lower HP to really come into play much.

On a uniqueness level, I cant count the number of outbacks I see everyday. Crosstreks on the other hand...
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Default Re: Talking myself into an XV

When I had my 2011 impreza, I had an outback as a loaner and fell in love with it. I even considered buying one. But when they released the concept of the XV I figured it was more practical for my needs, being its just me my husband and our 2 small dogs. After test driving both, I ended up with the XV because it looked "sporty" or should I say, rugged. I have the premium package with a moon roof. It's nice and I don't have to worry about my dogs scratching the leather. We have a 2009 Legacy 3.0R as our fun car.
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Default Re: Talking myself into an XV

First off, welcome to the site and thanks for signing up.

Dropping from a Camaro SS to a Crosstrek will certainly be a huge difference, but they each have their pros. The Crosstrek is obviously much roomier and has AWD with much more ground clearance. I am not sure where you live but it sounds like those features might come in handy. I have never driven a Forester but I agree that the styling is a little blah. I did have a 2013 Outback as a loaner car right before I got my Crosstrek and it was really nice. However, I felt that it was too big for my needs and I think the styling of the Crosstrek is way better.

My 2 cents!
- Phil
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