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Honestly, the Crosstrek is positioned in an odd spot.

It's a compact crossover not quite as big as the typical compact (C-segment) crossovers to include the Forester, and it's big compared to the subcompact (B-segment) crossovers such as the Honda HR-V.

Much like the over-categorization that automakers sometimes make the mistake of doing (such as when American car companies had multiple luxury brands under the same umbrella), the Crosstrek has no actual direct competitors. Because it lies between subcompact crossovers and compact crossovers, it can be cross-shopped (no pun intended) with both segment competitors.

It's also literally the slowest vehicle Subaru sells in North America, though as many of us can attest to, its FB20 engine is plenty enough.

Despite these factors, the Crosstrek is outselling the Impreza that it's based on. It's also one of the most fuel-efficient compact AWD crossovers and I don't want a high-output engine to remove it from that position.

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Originally Posted by AWDfreak View Post
Honestly, the Crosstrek is positioned in an odd spot.
Actually most "professional" car reviewers agree with you. Yet this odd spot appeals to so many of us. Why?

I'd argue because the Crosstrek has the advantages of a compact car (size and fuel efficiency) and a small SUV (go anywhere AWD and some cargo capability). Honestly my Crosstrek feels like a larger vehicle, of course that's personal opinion. It also looks more rugged than some of the other offerings, that often are referred to as "cute utes". Of course, the very competitive price has a lot to do with it's appeal as well.

Subaru has done a good job as of late attracting new buyers, like me, that otherwise would have purchased something else. I was seriously considering a Mazda CX-5 or another Toyota Tacoma, but am instead a happy Crosstrek owner. Again I'm really happy they aren't trying to milk this prosperity at a possible loss of quality.
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