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Default 2017 Speaker System Build Thread

I've ordered my amp and speakers for what I'll call "Phase 1" on this project. Ultimate goal is to have a professional-sounding audio environment in my Crosstrek. For the benefit of others who want to do parts or all of this for their rides, I'll be posting as I go!

I have set up systems before in my other vehicles, and each time I like to go a little bit farther, making things better than the last one.

Phase 1: Amp + 4 door speakers (and dash tweeters)
Phase 2: Sound deadening and audio enrichment in the doors
Phase 3: Subwoofer for complete system setup

I'll have to figure out the best photo hosting solution since dropbox dropped all us forums posters in the sand without warning last year.

No pics yet, but here is my initial setup:
  • JBL GTR 104 amplifier - 100 watts RMS per channel x4, some cool bluetooth stuff I won't need, and speaker-level inputs to make the setup simple with the factory nav/audio head unit
  • Polk DB 652 6 1/2" 2-way speakers for the rear doors
  • Polk DB 6502 6 1/2" component speakers for the front doors + tweeters for the dash
The components have frequency response down to 35hz, and the composites for the rear go down to 40hz. That will be fine for me for now, and later when I add a sub I think this will be a nice, clear, balanced sound with plenty of kick.

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Pulled the rear door panels yesterday to cut down on install time once the equipment arrives. First time doing something like that on a new car, you don't really know where everything is. I also purchased a trim/molding removal kit from a local auto parts store – would recommend if you like keeping your paint from getting scratched badly!

I went ahead and ordered an 18" x 36" sheet of Dynamat... just looking at how thin the doors are makes me want to stick some on directly behind the speakers!

The full plan is still to do the full doors at a later date, but I like the idea of starting with the outermost layer for the sake of reducing vibration and putting some kind of barrier between the roads and the interior of the car.

Also, rather than post pictures that will possibly disappear, what I might do is make a series of quick youtube vids and link them here. And one more thing, it turns out Crutchfield has a pretty good summary of the install process for 2014-2017 Crosstreks. You can see how flimsy the factory speakers are (I think they weigh like a pound, no more than 1-2 kilograms for sure). https://www.crutchfield.com/S-f1BDGl...crosstrek.html
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If you're looking for a basic how-to with pics that work, I just ran across this on the front door speaker install. Similar steps for any project, this is with an actual Crosstrek. Crosstrek XV – Car Stereo Adapters

My speakers are all installed, with the exception of mounting the dash tweeters. I'm looking for a spot I can actually reach to cut into the speaker wires, also. Another problem is my amp won't shut OFF and could possibly be defective. It can be replaced pretty easily though, warranty from JBL & help from Crutchfield should guide me through it. Other than these things I am powered up and the rear sounds great! Plenty of volume and it's much clearer. I can hear bass notes previously not there, though it's not anything pounding.

Pics will be next! I have taken them just not given them an online home yet.
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