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Default Apple Carplay, and various App takeovers on 2018 Crosstrek?

I have a 2018 Crosstrek Limited. I often plug my phone in to charge it, and while I like that carplay auto-connects, I hate that it takes over from the radio by default. Then Pandora, or Aha radio will start up on its own as well (sometimes).

My script for starting up my car is something like this:

Start car (radio starts)
Plug in Phone
Carplay Screen comes up on Phone, Radio turns off (switches to phone?)
I press the Radio button to go back.
Pandora starts on my phone, Radio turns off (switches to Pandora)
I press the radio button again to go back.

I can finally drive off with the radio playing, and my phone plugged in/available.

I can already see the circle that this is going to lead in, where I ask about Carplay/Pandora here, and am told that it's an issue with Carplay/Pandora, and I should go ask them, and if I were to go ask them, they'd say it's a Subaru thing and I should talk to Subaru.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to suppress all of the Radio take over, while still making the phone available to be used while driving?

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Other than phone, what do you want from CarPlay? If you only want phone, and not navigation, then get a 12v to USB 2A and plug that into the aux power socket in the center console, and use that to charge the phone, and Bluetooth for phone audio and control.

Otherwise, sorry I have an aftermarket head unit and Android, and stealing from the radio is no longer an issue, so I can't help.
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I agree with AlexOD. In fact, it's even worse if you have two people with different phones. If I'm driving with my Android connected, using Google Maps and Other AstroKat plugs in her iPhone, it takes over everything and kicks me out of maps. So we have a separate Apple charging only cable just to stop that from happening.

Also, if you haven't already done so, check your firmware (in Settings). The latest I'm aware of Rel_U0.18.43.20
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