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Default Bluetooth woes - Advice? new system?

I have a 2013 Subaru Crosstrek. When I got it, I had a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 and it worked well with the Bluetooth.

Last year, I got a S6 and it does not work well at all with the Crosstrek. I have a BT game controller and it connects to the S6 every time. But the car stereo rarely connects. I tried a couple apps like Bluetooth Autoconnect, which attempt to continuously initiate a BT connection. It would usually connect eventually, but I think it might impact the S6 battery. Either way, I don't like having to use something like that and it still wasn't terribly reliable. Since the game controller connects reliably, I'm assuming the Crosstrek receiver is the problem (I have read other complaints about Crosstrek receiver BT).

I recently upgraded my S6 to Android MM. I think the performance of the S6 is a little better overall, but now it never connects to my Crosstrek system. If I open the BT settings on the S6, I can tap the "CAR M_MEDIA" paired device and it will usually connect a 3 tries. Sometimes it will only connect for call audio, not media audio, or vice versa. It's super annoying. Once it connects completely, it's fine until I turn off the car. If I could just get it to connect automatically and reliably, I'd be fine. But since it can't seem to do that, I guess I'm going to start looking into spending hundreds of dollars to replace the Crosstrek system.

Unless someone can help fix the system I have, I'm guessing I'll need to replace the receiver in the Crosstrek. I want to be sure it's done right. I've had a few cars in my 18 years of driving, and I've installed a few stereos myself. But they were more simple - no BT and the dashes seemed easier to access (I haven't tried with the Crosstrek).

Also, there is some light rattling in the doors (known issue with Crosstreks). I'd like to dampen it if possible.

And while I'm doing all that, I would consider replacing some of the speakers as well, depending on how much it would cost to get significantly better sound.

But I worry that all that work would introduce some other issues - not sure what - anything really. Like, a friend had a new stereo installed and something went wrong and it picked up a signal that whined with the engine. That was done by a "professional". So, I'm having trouble knowing whether I can trust someone else more than myself (but I'm afraid to do it myself). I'm sure I would save money by installing it all myself, I'm not sure I have the time or skill to do so.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Never mind! I found the fix here: 2014 crosstrek bluetooth issues and Samsung S6 Edge.

Really disappointed that it was so simple. To think, I almost spent hundreds of dollars to fix that... I've asked the dealership and posted about it in the past. No help until this time.
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Glad you found the answer to your problem. Forums offer a wealth of knowledge. Enjoy!
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