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Default LED Map Light Issues

So, I thought the first mod I'd make on my new 2018 Crosstrek would be the simplest thing on the planet. I bought some interior LED replacement bulbs from Diode Dynamics after numerous posts here and elsewhere saying they were the ones to get.

They showed up today.

After work, I sat in my car, after sunset, so it was a bit dark. I used a small swiss army knife to pry off the Map Light covers, accessible from the driver's seat. I pulled out the incandescent bulb from the Driver's side Map Light, and popped in the new LED bulb. Pressed the button, and the light worked great.

So, I repeat the process, popping out the Passenger side Map Light bulb, and putting the new one in. My hand slipped, and the bulb end touched something(s) inside the area. I knew something had happened, though I don't know what, and I'm not exactly sure how. Maybe I had had the Driver's side light on to lend light to the situation?

Either way, after my fumble, the dome light, and the map lights didn't work, even the map light that had just been working fine.

After swearing a few times, I got out, and figured I'd deal with it in the morning.

Pressed the lock button on my key. . . nothing.
Pressed the lock touch area on the door handle. . . nothing.

Now, the car will still start via button, and the electric door locks still work via the button by the window controls, but my key doesn't seem to work anymore. It doesn't recognize my hand when I put it in the door handle. I tried grabbing the second key, just in case I had screwed the key up somehow, but that didn't work either.

So, I figured I must have shorted something, and started looking up the fuse box diagram. I'm honestly not sure what most of these mean, but I saw one labeled "Illumi" so I pulled that out with some needle nose pliers. It looked fine. Little contiguous squiggly silver line inside the red 7.5A case.

I took a look at two more, marked "KEY SW A" and "KEY SW B," again, both looked fine.

At this point I'm beyond my depth. I could go through pulling every fuse, but I figure one of you smart, handsome people has more smarts than me. I can't figure out what inside the passenger side dome light could possibly screw up the key recognition, but that's what I've experienced.

Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.

How hard can it be to screw in a lightbulb?!

Here's a few photos:

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Ok, I got my keys and lights working again.

I found this thread from last year (THANK YOU LAP29!)

Still not sure how I shorted it out, but I was able to go to OReilly's and find some mini 10A fuses.

Since I had a box of them, I figured I'd risk blowing another, and reinstalled the LEDs. No pop this time.

However, the LEDs stay on, just slightly (dimly), as long as the switch is in "Door" mode. If I switch the switch to "OFF" the LEDs go out entirely. I noticed the LED bulbs are slightly longer than the defaults, though I'm not sure how that would cause any issues, since the mounts are spring loaded.

When dim, they also seem to fluctuate a bit. Anyone know what's up with this? They stay on like this after the car is locked and every other light is off. I don't want to drain the battery, so I just switched it to OFF for the night, but it'd be nice to get these working as intended.

Here's a video of one of the lights, with the car off, after the 30 seconds that the light stay on. These lights should be off entirely. You can hear (and see) me switch the Map Lights from the "Door" position, to the "Off" position.
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Today's vehicles often have circuitry that are no longer directly controlled, but rather controlled by a Canbus. Usually this means a module, rather than the actual switches, control the circuit.

There's a chance that the LED bulbs just aren't compatible with the BIU (Body Integrated Unit, Subaru-speak for a BCM (Body Control Module)).

I can't say for sure directly what the issue is, but that's the best answer I got.
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Where did you get the bulbs? Cheap Chinese LED's are either CANBUS incompatible or have cheap circuitry that do weird things to the BIU (Body Integration Unit) and also emit radio frequencies that can cause issues with electromagnetic interference. Spend a few extra bucks and go to Diode Dynamics webpage and pick up some quality bulbs as these are tested with the vehicles and guaranteed to work. The extra cost is WELL worth it for piece of mind and MUCH better built product.
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i put in sylvania bulbs backwards till i saw the red dot meaning positive. no fuses blown.
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