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Default Sound Dampening for Entire Car

Busy project day for me today! A couple days ago I bought some Roadkill brand sound dampener and have spent all day installing it. I have a thinner black material for the doors and a thicker silver type for the floors. I took pictures along the way but probably should have taken more I just would get in the zone and forget to document. I covered all four doors, the trunk, and the floor. This is my first instruction post so bear with me through this one and I'll respond to any questions as soon as I can!

It started with removing the door panels. Instructions for that can be found in the attachment at the bottom for the Door Panel Removal. Getting it started is somewhat tough and will feel unnatural if you haven't done it before.

Once the doors panels are off you will have an inside panel with plastic covering everything. For the front doors you will have a few bolts to unscrew and a clip to pop out to allow all the cables to pass through the plastic. Once you've made sure everything will be able to go easy, take one of the corners and start to peel around the doors while using a knife to cut the glue as you go so it doesn't stretch out super far. Once you get a groove it ends up being really easy. After that your door should look like this

Or for the rear doors like this

Now is when you get to place all your dampener inside the doors so it looks somewhat like this. You can cover as much as you desire cause it will only sound quieter!

When done they should look like this

Now you can do this before or after you take the seats out but you need to go down in the footwells and undo every screw and plug you see down there because each one of them is holding the carpet down so it will need to come out sometime!

Now comes the fun part of taking out the carpet and seats to be able to coat the floors. The first step is to remove the seats. The back seats have hooks underneath them that you pull to pop off. The front seats are four bolts on each corner and three cables underneath. The cables are a pain to unplug but theres plenty more of them so get ready. When all the seats are out you can remove the side paneling that goes up the wall and along the base of the door by popping it out like a door panel.

When the seats are out and side panels gone, you can start to work on the center console. Removal for that can be found on another thread right here:

With the cup holder gone all you have left is the shift and cubby area. This is where I wish I took more pictures because it was an absolute pain.

Pop out the little plug in the top left of the shift area and use a long screwdriver to push down on a little button at the bottom of the hole. It is hard to feel but you can notice when you are pushing down enough. When apply pressure shift into drive. This will let you take apart your shift knob. You can also take the screwdriver out of the hole after you shift.

This part was tough on mine but may be different for yours. The bottom silver section of the knob can be pulled down and will expose a metal pin that you need to pull out. When you pull that out you can take the knob off. Heres a picture of all the pieces after I got them out.

With that out you can now take the entire section out. Use a flathead or putty scraper or whatever you want to wedge in-between the plastic sections and lift to pop it out. Once you get it off there are a bunch of screws that need unscrewing. The section to spread is right here

Everything should lift off pretty easy and the side panels split apart. The driver side has a clip the needs to be held while you pull it out but should come out relatively easy.

So with the seats and center console gone, and all the plugs popped out all you need to do is get the carpet over the back seat clips. Removing the black piece that acts as a catch will allow the carpet to lift over.

Now just pull the carpet out and there it is! An empty Crosstrek

Then you can cover the floors and your all set!

Now to put it all back together... Well it's been a long day and I haven't done that yet! So tomorrow I will probably update at some time with anything that helped me put it all together. Or corse you could pay for someone to do it all for you but then who knows how good of a job they did! Either way I hope this helps anyone who was interested in doing the same thing
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Holy hell that interior look stripped!

I've never seen a Crosstrek's interior so thoroughly stripped away, until now.

That's an awful lot of work! Though considering it's more laborious than technically difficult, your pictures and walkthrough make it seem reasonably-easy for most DIY-ers.

I appreciate you posting such a thorough and full procedure (so far) on the interior removal process. Any sound testing used as a baseline to verify its effectiveness or are you using purely your own ears?
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That is quite a mod, so labor intensive. But thanks for posting. I have dynamat on my door panels for my front speakers and it helps a ton. I havent actually noticed a lot of road noise but that's probably because I listen to my music loud. Keep us posted with what you think.
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So I finished up putting everything back together this morning and have been driving as much as possible to be able to test it out. The results have been very positive! I don't know if it was something about my car specifically but I experienced quite a bit of road noise at any speed. Now it's quiet even going around 80 and I am super happy about it.

I have not used any sound testing other than my own ears. There is definitely a noticeable difference as far as sound quality goes and I have the stock speakers with a 12 inch sub in the back. I also listen to my music on the louder side. I played around with all different genres of music with and without the sub to be able to get a feel for how much had changed. Highs and lows and top volume of music all were improved and standing outside the car you would have no idea how loud its actually going inside.

In the end with spending $250 and a day and a half of work, I think it was worth it. Depending on how much you care about a quiet ride and a solid increase in music quality I would recommend it. It is also a good way to really get to know your car!
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Wow, very nice! Thank you for sharing!
"The secrecy of my job prevents me from knowing what I'm doing."
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Which of these sound-dampening features provides the most effective noise reduction?
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Pretty good wright up! Do suggest sound absorbing material for the front inter fenders and roof. If anything the the floor is so ridged I would have left that alone. Sound Proofing
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