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Default Subwoofer sound and how do they fit in the back??

Hey everyone. I've been browsing through this forum for months after getting my 2015 crosstrek but i'll finally make my first post!

I'm a big subwoofer guy after having one in my old 1995 bmw. So im eager to put one in my trek but i'm anxious in finding excactly what i want.

I see a lot of speaker replacement threads but not one dedicated to subwoofers. I've heard that the sub subaru offers is too much bass and over powering. But my main concern is putting a sub in there and it gets in the way when i put down the back seats and basically convert my trek into a pickup truck.

Can anyone share their subwoofer stories? Either how the Kicker sub fits in the back or any other non-kicker subs? And also how they sounnd. I saw that Kicker has a hideaway sub that can fit the front seat? seems a little weird to me but I wanted to ask what y'all thought! Thanks.

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I opted to not get it because it isn't integrated into the interior in any way.
It looks tacked on and you can get that at pep boys
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I didnt get the kicker one mostly because it is crazy overpriced from Subaru and I dont really like their products. I know that "andthereyouare" has a whole thread going through his whole custom fitting sub process if you are interested. I myself got a Polk 8" sub installed from best buy and hid the amp under my front seat. The bass knob is hidden in my center armrest. The sub itself is obviously just sitting in the back hatch but its small enough even with the box, which is about 12" all around, to not really be in my way for making room for things with my seat down. I have always had subs and I went from 2-12" pioneers in a ported box to the single polk 8" and let me tell you, that thing knocks for the size and power it has. I think the whole package, amp, sub, wires, install probably put me around $300-$400 but it was definitely worth it in my opinion. Thats a quick overview from me but I am happy to answer more questions. Im sure there are a lot of sound guys on here that can be more helpful as well
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I picked up a 12" kicker off of craigslist and it has plenty of power for me. It also fits behind the single seat so I am still able to fold down the double and have some room. And if I need to I can fold down the single and scoot it up behind the driver seat for more room.

(Sorry for the mess. Fresh back from a dirty adventure)

I drilled out a hole to left of the steering wheel and put my bass knob there and love the way it turned out.

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Dang...after seeing this I think my two 10inch audiobahn subs might be a bit much for this cargo area. Might have to put in my single 10 inch type R.
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Im running a sundown X series 8 inch. Amp is mounted under front seat so if I need room the sub can be removed. Awesome bass for a 8 inch.

X series next to a EA series 8.
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