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Default Window Tint nightmare

Took my crosstrek with 4500 miles on it to a local tint shop called Tint Masters. They had good reviews online, and were the average cost of other local shops. They tinted my car within an hour and it was pouring down rain so I couldnt inspect everything fully. When It stopped raining there were streaks everywhere, scratches or creases in the tint everywhere. I had my wife return the car the next day to their other location. The tint job was much better, some very minor dirt in the tint in a few places but it was ok. After a few days I noticed they had sliced into my weather stripping, both the inner and outer. They offered to pay for the damages. I just came from the subaru dealer and its 230 for the weather stripping, and 250 for labor. Now I have to wait until the parts come in and hopefully I can get reimbursed from the tint shop.


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Default Re: Window Tint nightmare

Sorry this happened. It sux. I will keep this in mind when I get mine tinted. I will do a detailed inspection
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Default Re: Window Tint nightmare

Hey Corey, sorry about your nightmare with the tint. Should you ever have the need for tint again or your tint becomes a problem on your XV down the line, I highly recommend Sun Stoppers. They have several locations around NC. I use them here in Mt Pleasant and they are considered the best in town. They also cover commercial/residential application and are highly reputable. The problem I've had with other places is that they are here today- gone in 6 months. Not so with this company. Good luck.
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Default Re: Window Tint nightmare

Yep... Installation is the hot factor here. While materially speaking, it's close the same cost across the board, the one place you don't want to go cheap is a fully-backed installer! Most places don't have pre-cut pieces of tint for the XV yet. Especially for the Nano tint like I had put on. So, the installers lay a big piece over the *outside* of the windows, slice to match then trim to fit.

Had my nano done at the dealer. He sent it to their tint shop who... Sliced up my rear window pillar and rubber molding. I refused the car and the dealer had no issues (when I pointed out the very obvious 2" slice in the pillar). Those pillars are simply covered with a black appliqué. The guy cut all the way through it. Dealer had to order a new one from Subie as he'd never had to replace one before (gee, ya think). But he was apologetic, and even gave me a loaner during the fix time!

They called the next day saying it was fixed. I was pleasantly pleased, but wondered how he got the part so quick. I arrived and Service Manager said the tiny guy had a spare pillar applique in his shop, so they put it right on. I inspected the car, only to find it was a completely different piece. They stuck an Impreza pillar in its place. When I refused the car again, I said to the Manager, "Gee.. do I need to come down here and perform QC for you guys??", as I pointed to the pillar. The material is completely different. While both are black, the XVs pillar is smooth with a very slight gloss to it. The other was a textured material and was flatter black. (Can you say dee dee deeee).

The Manager was clearly not happy with his tint man's quick fix. He made no bones about waiting until the correct part came in. It did and they replaced the pillar. This time though the Manager inspected before calling me and found the rubber molding had been sliced at some point during the entire fiasco. But, he was honest and true to service in that he called me, explained, was apologetic again, and was on top of it. I had my car the following day, all right as rain.

All in all, the tint guy did an excellent job on installing the nano. The fact that he didn't come forward about the slices and then tried to BS the fix with a wrong part, is what made the situation messy and the Manager mad. Hey... Crap happens when working on a car. Ok... So own up to it and just get it fixed. This one sure cost them money though.

Now that its said and done, I'm loving the nano tint and thrilled that I had it done! But mistakes during install fully ride on them.

Hang in there and surely they'll have you fixed up soon! Post some pics maybe when you get her home!
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Default Re: Window Tint nightmare

I have a tint shop next to my business, they do a lot of $1500 to < $5000 cars.

I've often wondered how they can trim so close without making a mess of the interior or leaving a line with no tint. Now I know, thanks.
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