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Default Axle and possibly transmission issues?

2013 Premium CVT - 87k

Last year, the right side was clicking near the wheel when I turned right a certain way. I asked a few mechanics and they all said it was the axel. The OEM axle was so expensive. One local mechanic gave me a good deal on an aftermarket. The clicking went away.

A month or so ago, the left side started clicking when I turned left. I had the same mechanic replace it. The clicking was gone. But there was a subtle vibration when accelerating.

I took it to my tire/lube mechanic to check it out and maybe balance the tires. They said it seemed to be around the drivetrain and recommended a mechanic. I took it to that mechanic. They drove and inspected it. They thought it seems like inner-axle issue. They said there was a small bit of play in the axel, but didn't seem to think it was enough to cause the vibration. (I think they also tried swapping the axles out somehow.)

They called the local Subaru dealer. Ultimately, they said that the dealer wanted to check the transmission, because it's still under some extended warranty. They could have recommended I have them to replace the axle(s), but they didn't want me to pay all that if it isn't the issue.

Do you think the aftermarket axles will void the extended warranty?

I don't know much about vehicles. I would have assumed that it was the axle since the vibration seemed to happen right when it was replaced.

Any other thoughts on all this? I'm a bit disappointed that the rear differential and both front axles went bad on this car before 90k. I don't take it offroad or anything.

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There is a very common trend with the front axel giving way. I've had to have mine replaced twice in less than 60K. I've complained to NHTSA for a recall with no response.

I can tell you that if you get your replacements from the dealership, you just need to call the customer care number and complain that this is happening on a vehicle with less than 100K when the axels are supposed to last around 120K. I did that and got reimbursed for both of my repairs.
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Default 2014 axels not much better I guess...

Both my front axels went out under 100k. The first at about 45k and the second at 60k. My warranty paid for both but I was a bit disappointed they broke in the first place. I do take it off paved roads so I figured it was just me having too much fun. I am hoping the replacement axels are better than the originals as I'm nearing 110k and now outside of my extended warranty. I am fortunate to live near the dealer and their service and support staff are excellent. Not cheap but at least they are good.
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I had some transmission issues recently with my vehicle throwing a P2764 code and ended up taking my XV to the dealership. They replaced the transmission valve body under the warranty. Given that they have extended the drive-train warranty on all Crosstreks to 100,000 miles I sure hope they don't leave you out in the cold over an axle...
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Question Axle and possibly transmission issues? (Update?)

ergalthema = Any updates for us? Was thinking about the vibration comments, have you had the CV joints looked at too? I've had the rubber boots replaced on mine, the originals tear fairly easily I hear...that could lead to premature wear and failure. Keep us posted.
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I ended up destroying my front halfshaft out of abuse.

It's not worth buying the aftermarket halfshafts, they are notorious for failing prematurely. This has always been the case for Subaru's halfshafts.
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