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Default B service

Hello everyone, I'm looking for some input on the B service. At my dealer in Edmonton, the price for B service is "a little over $600" and I'm trying to figure out why...
For reference, the A service is $155 (a ripoff, yes, I know; Lexus charges $80 here, and Honda's A on a Civic is $70 and B is $120).

From my 2014's service schedule list, the extras that are done on a B service compared to A are:
  1. Rotate tires
  2. Remove, inspect and service front and rear brakes
  3. Test coolant, inspect hoses and clamps
  4. Inspect engine & air cabin filters - replace if necessary

#1- Is actually not included in the $600 cost, even though they'd have to take off the wheels to service brakes... the dealer said it's $20 extra.
#2- Is the big ticket item- I'll get back to this one...
#3- I'm assuming all they do is sample fluid and look at it, so 1-2mins work...
#4- My sketchy dealer said it's hard to get to and takes time. I know for a fact it can be done in under 30 seconds by going behind the glove box.

Based on the above, #3+4 are worth $50 if you're extremely generous, and since #1 is not included in the price, that leaves $400 to "service the brakes". My dealer wasn't able to give me a real answer as to what is actually done, but I went to the other dealer in town recently to get touch up paint (which my dealer doesn't stock) and their people were a lot less sketchy/more competent and were able to tell me. Basically they take off the brakes and separate the "layers" and clean the rock chips, balance out uneven wear, etc. out in the interest of increasing the lifespan of the brake pads.
I didn't think of it in time to ask them while I was there, but doesn't it seem odd to pay ~$400 to do preventative maintenance on parts that cost only ~$100 new?

What are people's thoughts on this?

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I am in Edmonton also, I do my own service as Subaru is a complete and total rip off in my opinion.
I used to go to Subaru but when I did my first B service I watched them through the window and was not impressed.
Yes they took the wheels off but as far as inspecting and servicing the brakes i expected more than a quick glance as they put the tires back on the car. I don't think the mechanic realized I was watching.
I don't know what their idea of service the brakes is but since that day I do my own service on the car until something that needs done I can not do.
Oil changes on the XV are so simple with the oil filter being on top of the engine.
I use an oil extractor so i don't even need to crawl under the car, except to do visual inspecting of components.
I buy the oil filter from Subaru and keep my own records but in three years the car has had zero issues (knock on wood).
It is common knowledge that service centers are referred to as revenue generation centers.
The Xv has been an awesome and exceptionally reliable vehicle for me but as far as customer service and vehicle maintenance.... not impressed with Subaru on that front.
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I used to do oil changes myself on my previous vehicle too, but this is my first brand new car and I was planning on doing the scheduled maintenance at the dealer just to prevent any culpability if I ever have to make a warranty claim. But there's a limit to how much I'm willing to be ripped off...

Based on your story, I don't think I'll ever be letting them do a B service. I hope others have had a more positive experience...
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Totally agree with The Rog Man. I've heard the term revenue generators more times than I can count. Doesn't matter the make they all do it. Best to do most maintenance yourself keeping all receipts. But if you can't, find a good independent shop. They will do everything cheaper excluding warranty work. Then the dealership has you.
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