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Default Diff fluid in identical looking ATF fill..now what?

I change oil and minor services for friends. My own confidence got the best of me...Ive changed the ATF once in this car (running, pumping in atf in the check/fill hole) so i thought I KNEW where the ATF fill was. How wrong I was.

Today i changed the oil...plus I suggested to friend I change the center/front diff, as I acquired a t70 socket for the job. Looked up instructions real quick...drain plug, check plug nearby spills over when full. Upper fill plug.

WELL IT TURNS OUT there is an IDENTICAL fill plug on the "right" side of the diff case that fills the ATF. WHAT WHY? WHY SUBARU?

I put 2 qts in..nothing spilling out of check bolt. Called subaru...they figured out what I did..they suggest draining exactly how much I filled...then doing the regular drain fill procedure.

I asked the service manager if the "newly discovered" fill bolt was ok to use as a fill..(hey, this would allow you to fill the car COLD and get the full amount back in) and he said hes not really sure where the fluid goes. (well, it went into my atf).

So, I drained the first 2 qts, warmed car shifted thru gears (up on jacks), parking brake on. I drained out 6 full qts and it was still coming (how so much???) and I stopped it because I only had 6 qts. Ultimately with the car running I only got back in less than 5. Is this a problem? I found a local amsoil dealer with more of the cvt fluid (this has been used before in the car) and Im going to do a second drain, maybe even a third.

What do you guys think? What a cluster man. Maybe I should stick to oil changes on cars Im not familiar with. Will the trace gear oil cause problems?

Any help appreciated.

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Default Diff fluid in identical looking ATF fill..now what?

I applaud your motivation to service your own vehicle. I don't think the diff needs changing too often. I don't know how many miles you have on your vehicle. Sometimes the only way to learn, is by doing things. You may be better at this point, having a dealer do the procedure and letting you watch. It could be cheaper and safer at this point.

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I can't say for sure. This is the first I've heard of someone contaminating the CVT fluid with gear oil.

You can still do oil changes and such, but just be weary of what you're opening loose.

In your position, to err on the side of caution, I'd do another one or two more flushes to the CVT.
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Don't take this the wrong way but...all the talk about changing the aft fluid in a CVT is, at best, confusing. There have been several well intentioned people here who have drained their cvt's while meaning to change their engine oil also. Maybe Butch's idea of letting the dealer do it while you watch might save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Good luck.
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