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Default Early oil change...

So despite the mixed bag on "break in" I'm going to do an early oil change on my Bebe Crosstrek right around 1200 miles... partly because "what does it hurt" and partly because I want to put my Fumoto valve on the bottom.

So I know what the OEM states but what synthetics would you all recommend and which would you shy away from? Thanks in advance!

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I use Royal Purple. It's a bit more expensive, but the wear tests are excellent. I've used it in other vehicles, and don't switch around according to what's on sale. I did the break in, and have had no issues. If you want to save money, I'm sure you could go cheap. With the money some owners throw at our vehicles, It never made sense to me. Congratulations and enjoy your purchase!

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If are into reading this is a good site to educate yourself with.
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Amsoil is hands down the best you can buy. While nearly everyone else cheapened their products to a group 3 "pretend synthetic" amsoil stayed true in the signature series. Higher film strength, less deposits, longer life, lower running temp, high heat handling capability, lower volatility...its the best long life true synthetic you can buy. 10,000 miles is conservative with that oil.
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