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Default Keyless touch entry system

2019 Limited

I'm having trouble with my keyless touch entry system--specifically with locking the doors. I have no trouble unlocking the doors using the touch system. But when I try to lock them using the touch system, I'm successful at a rate of only about 1 in 5 tries. The keys are always on my person, and as I noted earlier, the doors unlock using the same system just fine. I've tried holding my finger for a full second or two and longer and shorter, I've tried pressing my finger harder, I've tried pressing it more softly. I just can't seem to get it to consistently lock the doors on the first try. Is there a trick? Is there something about the system that I'm not aware of that would cause it not to recognize the touch lock? I didn't see anything in the owner's manual about length of time after exiting vehicle or closing the door, nor about how long to hold your finger on the touch pad. It just says to touch your finger on the pad with key nearby. I've tried my thumb and pointer fingers, too. Nothing seems to be more successful than any other method I try. It's a total crapshoot for when it will and won't work.

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I brush my finger across the two indentations, being sure to touch both. Locks pretty consistently for me.

Maybe holding a finger there longer makes it not want to lock.

Either that or your sensor is wonky.

Have you tried the passenger door to see if it works better?
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Passenger door has same inconsistency as driver's side. I'll try the brushing method to see if that works.
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My suggestion would be to go into a dealer and try another car there to see if it works the same as yours. That would tell you if it is you, or there is a problem with your car. Also, they might be able to help you with doing it correctly if that is your problem.
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