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Default Multiple warning lights but no check engine light.

I suddenly have three lights come on. The ABS, hill assist and VDC lights are on solid yellow. I have had this happen a long time ago when I left the gas cap off but the check engine alight came on as well. I also had it come on the other day after I drove home from work with the low tire pressure warning on but it went out once I put air in the tires. Today there are no other lights. Anyone know what might cause these lights to be on without any other warning lights?

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It could be a fault with the wheel speed sensor but something as peculiar as that can only be diagnosed by a Subaru dealer with a SSM.
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I would highly recommend that you have this issue looked at by a Subaru dealer. I reviewed your previous posts and noticed that you had an unusual noise in the left rear wheel and you made every effort to diagnose and troubleshoot including removal of wheels, brakes, and other components and listening to rear diffs etc... Now you have warning lights on with you VDC, ABS, hill assist... As we don't know the history of this vehicle or its maintenance record I would say you may have some issues that should be looked at by the dealership. I will say that our AWD systems are fragile to differences in rotating mass, simply having 1 of 4 tires that is newer than the other three can cause damage to our diffs and transmissions so with that said I would not want drive my vehicle with these issues as they revolve around the wheels, bearings, and shafts of the car. I feel like these particular issues if not looked at could cause further damage if not addressed. If you do find a smoking gun to these issues I know we would all appreciate and update so we can be on the lookout for the same. Best of luck and hopefully this all get fixed with little headache and cost to you.
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