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Default Thread on Crosstrek Car Price Comparisons?

Hi, I am very interested in buying a new Crosstrek. In doing research for some price comparisons, I couldn't find anything on this entire forum for how much people paid for their Crosstreks. (Obviously I know that the vast majority of forum users already have purchased their Crosstreks).

Edmunds car forum did not have much in terms of some price comparisons and I was hoping to find more information here. Is there a thread that I am missing where people share the price they paid for their Subaru Crosstrek?

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Hi and welcome to the club!

IMO Doing price comparisons based on what others paid and using that info as a negotiating tool can be tricky. A lot depends on where you are buying (e.g buying from a local dealer and trying to use a price comparison from another state etc....). If you will be financing through the dealer, your credit score can play a role too. Trade-ins can affect it also. That being said, price comparisons from others can be useful in determining how much dealers are willing to negotiate on the model you want. I have found that dealer/sales recommendations are very useful. I myself have purchased three Subies ('14 Crosstrek, '15 Legacy and '16 Forester XT) from the same sales person and feel I got really fair deals out of it. Have you tried any online price quoting services yet (Truecar etc.....)?
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Bought my Crosstrek two months ago through the Costco car purchasing program. The hassle/haggle-free discount I received got me out the door with all costs/fees/taxes for a few hundred less than the base MSRP. I felt I got an exceedingly fair price with zero heartburn and indigestion. Win-win. I don't know about other parts of the country, but in the mid-Atlantic region dealers seems to be overstocked with Foresters and scrambling to keep up with demand for Outbacks and Crosstreks. My salesman told me that incentives and discounts for the Foresters were greater than those for other models. No need for deep discounts if Outbacks and Crosstreks are flying off the lot almost as quickly as they arrive. The dealer Costco paired me with had to search other dealerships in the region to find my Crosstrek in the color and trim I wanted.
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If you are military, Subaru offers a great discount program.

Otherwise I normally recommend ordering a car. The dealer should be more willing to give you a good deal that way, normally you can get it for invoice. Of course that's dependent on you picking the car up right away when it arrives, as the dealer will still get their holdback as profit but it loses value if the car sits on the lot.

If you can't order try to find a volume dealer that sells a lot of cars. They normally will give a slight better price, and may be getting bonuses from the manufacture for # of units sold.

Good luck.
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Thanks to everyone who replied. Costco and truecar both seem like good starting points for me.
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Good advice, geost1. I was a bit worried about dealing for the new 2017 Crosstrek I just ordered. I figured they wouldn't budge too much with it being a new year. Dealers are eager to sell off the '16's. But I knew I wanted mine exactly the way I wanted and was in no hurry so I decided to order it and wait. Subaru's are getting pretty popular here in FL. For so long they were thought of as a "snow" vehicle, but no longer. I was told by friends who are loyal owners that Subaru's don't sit in lots long and don't expect a good deal from the dealer. Also from reading this forum for a while I decided to buy new rather than buying slightly used But I was pleasantly surprised to get the Crosstrek at invoice. I felt that was fair.
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