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Default 2019 Limited HU Upgrade?

Today's Head Unit Question. We'll be (at some point) getting a Limited. We don't really need Nav. Wife listens primarily to talk radio on SXM. I love my music. Pretty eclectic taste, but want to be able to stream classical from Spotify Premium.

Don't really want to go aftermarket, if it means losing STARLNK. The Rockford Fosgate Upgrade lists for $502. The HK (with moonroof and NAV - neither a "must have") lists for $2,360.

My thinking has been - I want the moonroof, and the NAV would be nice to have. Not sure it's worth the ~$1,800 price difference.

If I go with the RF Upgrade (rather than the HK system), the $1,800 is close enough for me to add the STI Sport Wheels, Spoiler and Shift Knob package.

Thoughts on the 2 upgrades for a non-DIY;re.


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My Vehicle: 2015 Crosstrek Red

Get all the options you can afford then you will have no regrets
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I bought mine nov 2017 and it came on the first boat to land in Vancouver from Japan. I bought it while it was still at sea. At that time the limited came pretty loaded. If you wanted leather along came Premium sound sun roof etc. It may still be the same.
Still I put the rear seat back protectors and 3 way auto dim mirrors on as xtra. The auto dimming mirrors are sublime. Rear bumper protector was added too.
The only thing I did’t get was the remote starter.
Don’t waste your money on Subaru floor mats, get husky mats.
The HK sound system is really nice with an excellent base. I believe the front doors to be self powered speakers with next generation “ice” amps.
The included pure satellite TomTom system is the only system that always knows which way the car is pointing and I have XM traffic for it.
That being said I usually use either TomTom go which has in my opinion the best traffic rerouting capability.
Or I use apple maps for its ease of integration with my iPhone, excellent lane guidance and graphics.
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Too bad you can't get the "Sport" model like Canada has. Mine has Sunroof, Limited HU w/out Nav. Its like a mix between your "Premium" (touring for Canada), and Limited.

Other slight upgrades come with it too, like LED turning headlights, upgraded interior, etc.

Maybe you'll get that for 2020 versions?
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Really I’m surprised that for the price the limited doesn’t come with everything.
The outback limited does and the premier edition almost does.
The Crosstrek is missing memory seats, power port in the rear, e brake, rear vents, rear USB ports. Should be called semi limited.

Canadian editions get no onstar or tire pressure sensors.
We cannot open our cars remotely via satellite with our phones and even though we can do XM traffic from satellite,We cannot do this.
It was stated that the American market is more competitive so Americans get more.

Subaru if you’re listening We Canadians are sick of this!
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(Full disclosure I work at a Subaru dealership)

I have a Limited Crosstrek because I liked the LED Headlights and the bigger screen size.

The HK stereo system is great but I honestly have lately found myself preferring the RF one. It kind of depends on your listening preferences though. Since it sounds like you'll be spending some solid time listening to Classical, HK might be better, but RF can't be bad. I feel like the RF system is a little punchier.

The one weird quirk about the RF system is that when you turn the car off, the audio turns off as well. With any other system, it will keep playing for 3 minutes or until the drivers door opens which is great for finishing what you're listening to without idling the car.

With CarPlay and AA standard, who needs nav anymore? Unless you have a super limited data plan, just rely on that.
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