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Default 4 inch tweeters

Found this on the Subaruxvcrossterk site thought it was interesting enough to post here. I have the 4" Pioneer TS-S101PRS mids in the tweeter locations. I would say it is a tight fit but it can be done. The grille snaps in place w/out touching any parts of the speaker. You definitely will have to cut a bigger mounting hole in the panel. Not sure about the 3-1/2" but it will probably require a bigger hole too. Here are several pics to give you better understanding. Sorry I did not think about making a better photo at the time to show exactly how the mounting hole had to be modified but I think you'll get the idea.

3 1/2" or 4" in the dash (tweeter location)-tweeter1.jpg3 1/2" or 4" in the dash (tweeter location)-click.jpg3 1/2" or 4" in the dash (tweeter location)-gallery_72_64_490530.jpg3 1/2" or 4" in the dash (tweeter location)-ts-s101prs.jpg

Before attempting anything I would recommend to cut two circles out of cardboard the exact size of the outer diameter of your preferred speakers (4" and 3-1/2") then remove the grille, tweeter and try to see how your speaker of choice fits in that space. Keep in mind that if you need to use an enclosure for the speaker it will use some more space. I did not use any enclosure for the Pioneers as I learned from the previous installation that they are fine free-air when properly filtered. There is enough space under the mounting surface. Another thing to consider. The holes in the grille form a circle perfectly matching the factory tweeter. The 4" is apparently bigger in diameter plus it only can be installed slightly offset from the center of the tweeter. First I wanted to drill more holes in the grille to cover the whole surface of the 4" but then decided against it. Couple of test holes I drilled did not look very neat and I needed at least a hundred of those. I then listened to the speakers with and w/out the grilles and was not able to tell much of a difference. So I left the grilles as they were.

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Well a reply better late than never?? Im planning on doing what you have done. Rather than the Subaru Kicker tweeter Im planning on retro custom fitting the KICKER 3.5 inch mid tweeter speakers.

Was curious about the ACTUAL size of the magnet and speaker surround. so will do what you recommend and cut out some cardboard trials as I assume ill have to do a bit of hacking and cutting to the plastic area around factory holes. I too was thinking about the size of the grill holes and thought id just re drill new holes all the way around to open up the size for the new speaker diameter.
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I installed 3.5" speakers... use this link and scroll down.

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Well My 3.5 inch Kicker speakers arrived and I fitted them all in about 1 hour


Wasnt too hard to get into the original hole and use a stanley Knife ( box cutter) to slice larger holes to accom the slightly larger speaker, was a bit of a chore getting under the inside of the windshield to do it though. Used the included wires and spliced them into the original proprietary plug. I also added some small pieces of Iso Butyl Sound Deadener and tucked under the speaker before I mounted them to help deaden and plug the open air space under the speaker, was wanting to help seal off the area behind the speaker itself as it seems cavernous. will this actually do anything? I have no idea

OMG the sound difference and improvement are amazing........the sound stage is an abvious improvement.

So I decided to order 2 sets of the 6.5 inch CS65 speakers to replace all four doors, Also bought speaker spacers and wiring plugs.


I also ordered some extra Iso butyl Sound deadening from Aliexpress.com and will line all the door cavities along with foam speaker rings and then add more to the rear of the door cards too.



Hopefully they arrive this week and I can get stuck into pulling the door cards off and getting into it....... I think I may need to buy an amp now.......... and a sub
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