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Default BT audio and USB

I have the 2014 limited XV, which is type B audio I think.

When I paired up the BT with the car,
My google map on my Nexus 4 does not speak out the direction, I need to put the car in BT mode.
But every time I turn the car into BT mode, it turns on the player in my phone and starts streaming the music!
I need to turn off the player in my phone every time I turn on BT mode in my car,
more annoying is, everytime I change volume of the car with BT mode, it turns my phone player on again!!
Is there anyway to solve this? I want to play music when I want to, not turning it on automatically, this is just so annoying.

I tried using USB to play music to bypass the problem,
I also turned off media streaming in the Bluetooth of my phone to solve the issue that the google map does not speak out if I don't turn on BT mode in the car

However, our lovely 2014 car can only read 255 songs out of one folder in my USB drive!

I have 3 folders, Chinese/ English/ Japanese songs.
The CHI one has more than 255 songs and I tried to split it into CHI01 and CHI02.
Is it possible to play ONLY these two folders?
What I tried is shuffle between folder, which will play JAP and ENG folder as well...

Thanks in advanced!

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Default Re: BT audio and USB

I never play music through BT. My classic iPod that's got thousands of songs is attached to the USB port. However, when I leave the car, or even when I just shut the engine while filling up on gas, the music in my phone starts playing. It doesn't happen all the time, but often enough to be annoying.

I thought the bug was was with my phone. I have a 4-year-old Blackberry.
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Default Re: BT audio and USB

Everything I've ever read regarding Subarus, car rags, online reviews, etc. its clear that one of the worst aspects of Subaru ownership is the audio systems provided. Having owned 3 now I tend to agree. The XV is my personal DD so its only me and the BT is awesome for what I need. But your problem is likely widespread among Subie owners. And unfortunately it seems the after market is the only real solution. A trip to is what you need.
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