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Default Head Unit not showing song info?

Newbie here. I've dug around here and wasn't able to find an answer to this, but I apologize if this is a repeat question. Just picked up my Crosstrek 2 days ago and love pretty much everything about it. This was my first new car purchase and I think I definitely made the right choice. The only negative being the "infotainment" system. Getting around the different screens is very clunky and I haven't been able to get all of the advertised functionality out of it quite yet.

I am using a Samsung Galaxy S6 paired via Bluetooth (I have the non-nav system). The main app I use for my music is Spotify, and the music streams via Bluetooth fine and my phone screen displays the correct info, but the touch screen only displays the song that played first, rather than giving the song title etc for each song. The only time I can get this to change is by unpairing my phone and pairing again, and then it still only shows the first song info. I've tried with friends' iPhone 5 and 6 and have the same problem, so it doesn't seem to be restricted to android. Is this just an issue with Spotify and the head unit, or can something be done to remedy it?

I am also a little disappointed in the lack of customization options for the head unit. It would be nice to be able to remove the AM and second and third sets of FM presents from the cycle it goes through when you push the source button on the steering wheel. I've dug through this forum and a few others and have only been able to find some secret menu info for a few preferences. Maybe this is an easy fix and I'm missing something. Does anyone have any other tips for customizing the head unit?

I'm thinking I'll probably go with an Android Auto aftermarket unit at some point down the road, but for now I'm hoping to get some more functionality out of the original.

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Your 2015 XV is the one with Starlink, I presume?

Unfortunately, I don't have much experience on Starlink, your best bet is to bug the dealer and hope they find a solution for you.
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I get this same behavior with my iphone and Pandora when head unit audio source is Bluetooth vs using the head units Pandora app with phone plugged into USB cable. I discovered if I have Pandora running in the foreground on my iphone that the song titles will update on the head unit when audio source is bluetooth.
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