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Default Problem with Canadian CM744CL headunit


I have some problems with my headunit touchscreen system. I am looking for imput mainly from other 2015 Crosstrek owners (non-tech model). Radio model CM744CL.

The ipod never remembers the track it was at, always resets to the first song on the ipod, extremely annoying.
Sometimes pressing next track will restart the one I am currently listening to. Eventually bluetooth connectivity stops working and I have to completely re-pair my phone.
It'll take forever for the reverse camera lines to appear sometimes (I know it's generally long but sometimes it seems way too long).

I went to the dealer and my software is up to date apparently, I never updated the software before.
Seriously annoyed because my wife has a 2016 Impreza with the same looking head unit and it performs perfectly with none of these problems.

Anyone have any ideas or does theirs work better?


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Yup...I have the same issue with my '15 Crosstrek. I even purchased a new iPod because I thought it was due to me having an old iPod. It sucks. Even if I am listening to the iPod while parked with the engine off, when I start the car, the radio loses power for a second and the iPod starts over at song#1 again. Huge pain in the butt.

I also have the issue where the camera lines take a while to appear. Another thing that just started recently is that the reverse camera stays on for about 5 seconds after I take it out of reverse. Looks weird when you are driving forward and see everything behind you going the other way.

I have been saying this all along...I love my Crosstrek except for the radio/sound system. Everything else on this vehicle is awesome.
Southern California ~ Subaru Ambassador

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