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General Maintenance & Troubleshooting

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  1. Good Reason to Wash Your XV
  2. Transmission whine is "normal"?
  3. 5 speed manual owners..Need some input
  4. Automatic Up and Down Not Working
  5. First Oil Change
  6. Oil viscosity
  7. Acceptable Oil Level
  8. Differential Fluid Change
  9. Fuel Leak
  10. 16 Pin Needed
  11. Oil Level Check
  12. Fuel Mileage Dropped after Service Appointment
  13. Iphone 6+ Not Sensed by Bluetooth
  14. Vibration noise near glove compartment
  15. Rough start issue
  16. Shift lock issue
  17. ABS/Trac Control/Hill Start Assist
  18. Mouse in Air Box
  19. Clicking wheel noise
  20. Bluetooth - Hands free button not responsive
  21. Check Engine/VDC lights with Low Fuel
  22. Drivers Seat Creak/Pop (after TSB and bushing install did a search)
  23. Rough Starts regardless of condition?
  24. Needed a new battery, already.
  25. MPG is lacking. Oil film everywhere? Lemon Law? please reply to my first post.
  26. USB port charging
  27. Strange Vibration/Rattle Noise
  28. Condensation on Interior Windows
  29. Hand Brake Question
  30. Any way to get rid of the new car smell?
  31. fuel pump making noise while car is off
  32. Factory Splash Guards
  33. Tapping on Left Side of Engine
  34. OBD Readers
  35. Two electrical mods I'd like to see...
  36. speedometer/odometer question
  37. What kind of mileage are you getting out of your brakes?
  38. fuel light
  39. i need a motor
  40. Unreliable GPS Lock - Nav Unit
  41. Slower after oil change
  42. sunshade recommendations
  43. Electrical Wire Color Code
  44. Shaking at acceleration
  45. Anyone have ideas for eliminating strong interior odor in new Crosstrek?
  46. What type of gas should I use?
  47. TPMS Reset?
  48. Flashing 'car locked' symbol on dashboard
  49. Bulletin for All XV's currently on the road
  50. Leakage passenger side
  51. Oil Change Service, Changed Back to 6 K miles for 2015 Models
  52. Passenger seatbelt sensor too sensitive?
  53. Oil Cooler
  54. Blower Motor Noise, Manufacture fix
  55. Samsung Galaxy S4 & Bluetooth issues
  56. Air conditioner is losing lots of refrigerant
  57. Engine oil temp display - what are you running
  58. Rear Differential plugs
  59. Oil Change
  60. Rear view camera
  61. Desperate help needed LOUD rattle underneath CrossTrek
  62. motorolla droid synching issues
  63. Rear Cargo Privacy screen rattling
  64. Remote Entry Query (doesn't really fit anywhere else)
  65. General cost for Crosstrek Oil Changes?
  66. Lock/unlock door noises
  67. Sporadic Starting Problems
  68. No place for rear tow hook, who ever has genuine tow hitch
  69. Climate Knobs Plastic Sound
  70. Closing the rear boot hatch
  71. Part Broke
  72. How often to change oil?
  73. HSA and start/stop dead?
  74. Front Doom light auto-off question
  75. Does power for Windows/Radio stay on after key is turned off?
  76. Cont. tire thumping noise on the highway.
  77. Front bumper not flush after re-install
  78. Phone won't sync.
  79. Bluetooth Stopped Workin
  80. Outside temperature reading
  81. Power Window Issue Question
  82. Oil Light Comes On on the Last 1000 Miles
  83. Cruise Control Lights, Check Engine Light, & Vehicle Dynamic Control Light on
  84. Windshield Fluid not Dispensing in Cold Weather
  85. Coolant is low...
  86. Center Cluster Noise
  87. Brake/Gas pedal senstivity issues
  88. Windshield not defrosting on one side??
  89. Dashboard Rattle - Easy Fix
  90. Sounds from under the hood and suspension?
  91. First problem
  92. Navigation Use
  93. SiriusXM Nav Traffic not working consistently
  94. Coolant Temp Indicator
  95. Back-up Camera Image Quality problems...
  96. Gasoline smell in cabin?
  97. Backup Camera Screen black?
  98. The XV is possessed!
  99. Green Headlight Indicator in Dash
  100. Reverse to Drive hard shift
  101. TPMS ... a problem? I don't know.
  102. SiriusXM in 2014 Limited with NAV
  103. Noisy Interior Fan?
  104. What Brand of Oil do you use?
  105. Getting mud off easily
  106. Excessive Oil use
  107. seat warmers
  108. FOB Not working & alarm activated. HELP!!!
  109. Rainex is great!
  110. Blown fuse? Keyless entry system no longer working
  111. People with Rear Spoilers, I have a request to ask
  112. Rear Ball Joint
  113. daytime/Nighttime Maps on Nav Unit
  114. Valet and Flip-Key
  115. Dead Battery
  116. PDF of the MY14 Crosstrek Owners Manual
  117. Just got a Crosstrek - many questions about break-in period etc.
  118. Smartphone Bluetooth connecting issue
  119. Crosstrek Drifting Right
  120. Steerring wheel stereo headunit selector is backwards?
  121. Question about GPS Unit
  122. Remove Rear Fog light cover
  123. A few odd noises last night
  124. MOVED: Deleting phones from Navigation
  125. New windshield
  126. 12v converter and something everyone should know
  127. Lifting Rear Seat
  128. MOVED: Disappointed - Audio Upgrade #4 10" Kicker
  129. Glovebox Rattle!
  130. 25k service
  131. Auto up/down quit working.
  132. %^*(&$# Tree Sap
  133. New Rattle! - Center Console Tick/Creak
  134. Passenger Airbag OFF
  135. Grinding/Stall on startup
  136. Iphone 4 Not Connecting
  137. Stupid question.. How to auto window up/down?
  138. Leaky oil filter...anyone else?
  139. Oil Change?
  140. Jack points under the car
  141. My Engine Sounds Like it's a Diesel.
  142. DRL cutoffs arent level?
  143. Is my HD radio screen broken, or is it the wallpaper?
  144. Sinusoidal Vibrations at 'high' RPMs?
  145. Water Collecting in the Doors
  146. TPMS problems
  147. Miles to empty question
  148. Cabin Air Filter
  149. Above average Service for subpar Paint
  150. looking for technical guidance - rattle in dash area like morse code clicking
  151. Gas Tank
  152. Flooded my cargo area...
  153. Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act
  154. My
  155. Uploading phone contacts with HD only radio?
  156. loose steering wheel
  157. Plush all Fluids
  158. Steering Wheel Alignment
  159. Sound coming from interior rear of cabin
  160. What color is your oil filter? Change from SOA?
  161. Remote Trunk Release
  162. AT Oil Temp light staying on longer than other lights at startup?
  163. Windshield Glass Quality
  164. Scratched plastic on dash gauges...fix?
  165. Fabric underneath instrument panel???
  166. Interior trim rattling
  167. Uncomfortable seats on limited with leather
  168. Must have tool for everybody to have that drives!!!! Please sticky this!
  169. Check Engine Light and VDC Warning Light On and Cruise Control Blinking
  170. Roll down just the back windows...
  171. drivers seat back is uneven/unlevel
  172. Best dash cleaning/treatment product
  173. Funky vibration/rumble
  174. First oil change at dealer
  175. Front Dash Rattle - Tweeter Grille
  176. Pop sound coming from passenger dash area
  177. Passenger Headrest Rattle!
  178. iPhone won't play music...
  179. Computer MPG calculation problems...
  180. Fan noise?
  181. Oil Change Intervals?
  182. Rear Vibration Sound Just sitting in Garage turned off
  183. First tire Rotation
  184. Gear grind selecting Reverse- manual tranny
  185. Cold Engine Icon, how long is it supposed to stay there?
  186. Engine Revving When Starting
  187. Dealership or Big Chain For Maintenance?
  188. Gold Plus Extended Warranty Opinions?
  189. Off-road driving techniques and advice
  190. Subaru Oil Filters
  191. Crosstrek on Alldata