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General Performance and Off-Road Chat

  1. Suspension lift pricing
  2. Chassis bracing necessary for unibody vehicles used off-road
  3. Recovery Issue
  4. Crosstek for severe winter conditions
  5. Wheels have no power up a hill!
  6. Offroading with the hybrid
  7. Rear Bumber Guard
  8. How is ground clearance measured?
  9. Hauling Goods
  10. Lift questions
  11. EyeSight function?
  12. Week End Get Away
  13. What fits
  14. Trade In
  15. 2017 XV 2 inch lift vibration
  16. Quieter Muffler
  17. What's the most anyone has towed with their XV?
  18. Off road parts and accessories.
  19. Front bumper tow hook
  20. Tight circles in the snow
  21. 2018 Crosstrek build
  22. Yoko Geolander AT's click @ low speed
  23. The pedal dance. No this ain't Pokémon.
  24. 2012 WRX exhaust ?
  25. Why VDC is necessary for off-roading and low-traction situations
  26. Best off road tire for the stock crosstrek rim?
  27. SSD light bar installation
  28. Primitive Racing Skid Plates Installation
  29. Confirm manual mode for drifts
  30. Subaru OEM skid plate information
  31. Better Performance?
  32. Central AZ Senator Hwy Off-Road adventure (video)
  33. XV Overland Rig Build
  34. Nameless Performance Exhaust
  35. Does anyone else get bad sound pressure and whooping noise from the rear windows?
  36. Paddle Shifters
  37. WRX Exhaust
  38. COBB short shifter
  39. So this happened and now i need parts
  40. Crosstrek Off Road Video
  41. 2016 Crosstrek - An Arizona Off-road Adventure (video)
  42. Forward vs reverse AWD characteristics
  43. Plans for my new Subaru....
  44. Where Subaru has missed their mark
  45. Steep hill climb - "hot" smell
  46. Off-road recovery kit?
  47. Brands ?
  48. loving the mileage
  49. First Time Towing
  50. Crosstrek to Carova in OBX?
  51. Tuned
  52. LED Lighting Requirements
  53. Got Winch?
  54. Subaru Desert Run - 3/8/15 (PICS INSIDE)
  55. Kartboy short-throw shifter
  56. Places to get muddy and off-road in the PNW
  57. Custom Machined Offroad Rear Tow Hook
  58. VDC in the snow
  59. faster: manual or cvt?
  60. snow tires
  61. larger sway bars
  62. Tactrix reflashing ECU, for performance
  63. MPG question
  64. Mongolia Charity Rally sponsored by Subaru
  65. New England Forest Rally
  66. Wheels slipping
  67. Subaru Impreza/WRX 5 Speed Short Throw Shifter in a Crosstrek
  68. Air conditioning performance during acceleration
  69. High Water Line?
  70. air intake blocked?
  71. Subaru XV Crosstrek Off Road by Zach Barner (YouTube)
  72. Muffler and Air Filter replaced, for Performance
  73. Primitive Crosstrek Racing
  74. Driving on the Beach
  75. Offroad bumpers from Australia for sale in the states now
  76. XV Crosstrek Fender inner diameter?
  77. Xv hybrid towing in a snow storm
  78. Did my first "off road" with Crosstrek - Valley of the Gods, UT
  79. Capitol Reef NP
  80. Snow Performance Perplexing
  81. Custom exhaust
  82. 20MPG with Kayaks on roof?
  83. STi Engine Swap
  84. Crosstrek in the snow
  85. MPG
  86. Found this....
  87. Now that I've had the car for a couple of weeks...
  88. Getting him muddy...
  89. Exhaust sound? and Engine specs?
  90. Strut tower brace
  91. CVT or Stick for offroad
  92. Muffler Question
  93. Windshield is a PITA to keep clean
  94. How fast have you gone?
  95. Gas gauge says not full 4 miles after fill up...
  96. VDC Snow Test in 2011 Forester
  97. How many foot pounds...
  98. Water blind (bra)
  99. Off road trails in northern Illinois or Southern Wisconsin?
  100. Towing Capacity??
  101. Cruise Control
  102. Bad RubySu BAD!
  103. Does the CVT Lack Low End Torque?
  104. Flange for muffler delete
  105. Crosstrek performance in the mountains of PA
  106. Off Road Trails
  107. Video: XV offroad in Australia
  108. Champ in the hills of SF
  109. How does the Crosstrek handle on the highway?
  110. Guanella Pass Road
  111. Cinnamon Pass
  112. MPG
  113. Flexible strut brace?
  114. Cusco releases new products for GP and GJ chassis Subaru Impreza!
  115. xv at Holy Jim
  116. XV Airbox
  117. Desert test run
  118. Mounting a Winch instead of a trailer hitch in the rear bumper
  119. What are you plasti-dipping now-a-days?
  120. Crosstrek Offroad Testing in Australia
  121. Eureka Gulch, Silverton, Jeep Road, Offroad, San Juan Mountains
  122. Caruso Motorsports Skid Plate
  123. Any word on performance exhaust system(s) and/or CAI?
  124. Off Road parts yet????