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  1. Question about the sports mesh grille

    Exterior Appearance/Mods
    I've found a used sports mesh grille for a 2017 part# J1010FJ050 and I'm trying to figure out if it will fit on my 2015. Has anyone done this? The only thing I could find on here was someone who put a 2015 on a 2017, they said it fit after the clips were shaved down a little. If this is the case...
  2. Just got a 2015, rough idle

    General Maintenance & Troubleshooting
    Just picked up a 2015 Crosstrek! This is my third Subaru and I'm very excited. It has 10,800 miles on it. My concern is this: it idled VERY rough after not starting for a while, also after I turn it off after a commute it "clicks" and makes weird sounds from the wheel wells. It's pretty...
  3. Potential Newby from Buffalo

    Welcome Mat | New Member Introductions
    Hello all, So i am VERY close to buying a 2015 Crosstrek. Ive heard some bad things about new subarus lately, but also some great things about the Crosstrek. I am very conflicted and this would be my FIRST Subaru AND first new car purchase in general. (always had a Ford Taurus 2004). I also...