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  1. Kinda, sorta, maybe did this one before

    Crosstrek Community Discussions
    Hi my Trekker buds, Ol' granny here. I think I posted something like this in past. So, if so, just blow it off. I have updated it and really thinks it gives an idea of Granny and love of her baby girl. Enjoy, laugh at me all you want and spin your finger at your temple, loudly saying "Crazy ol'...
  2. Long time no see my Crosstrek Buddies!

    Crosstrek Community Discussions
    Well, well, well.. If it isn't ol' Granny visiting the forum. After long time of busy-ness, adding new forms of arthritis and plucking more gray hairs, Granny had to stop in, say hi and give update on my baby girl! So, I'll start off by telling you her status: My baby girl is still a garage...
  3. My car visited Arizona today

    The Autoshow
    SO the Crosstrek was getting tired of Southern California, so I took her to my meeting in Phoenix today. She handled it like a champ and on the way home we visited some deserted buildings. This gas station was not much help, but I did enjoy the Arizona gas with $1.10 less in taxes. What a...