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  1. 2017 Speaker System Build Thread

    Interior Appearance/Mods
    I've ordered my amp and speakers for what I'll call "Phase 1" on this project. Ultimate goal is to have a professional-sounding audio environment in my Crosstrek. For the benefit of others who want to do parts or all of this for their rides, I'll be posting as I go! I have set up systems before...
  2. 2018 Subaru Crosstrek Limited with Harmon Kardon audio package

    General Maintenance & Troubleshooting
    Hello everyone, I just picked up a brand new 2018 Subaru Crosstrek Limited with Harmon Kardon audio package and I was wondering what you set your stereo audio EQ settings at. It appears to me we can only adjust the bass, mid and treble. Does anyone have any recommendations on where these...
  3. Difference between Head Units

    Interior Appearance/Mods
    I have a 2016 Premium and I have the lower end of the two different head units. The one with the actual buttons on the sides instead of the touch sensitive ones. Does anyone know the actual difference between the two? Is the bigger one better performance wise or is it just bigger? Does the...
  4. Touchscreen Problems (brand new 2016 Premium)

    Audio/Navigation/In-Dash Displays
    Hello, Hope I'm posting this in the proper sub-forum. I am a new Subaru Crosstrek owner (just under 1,000 miles after ~3 weeks) and have discovered some significant issues with the touchscreen. I tried searching for 'touchscreen problems' and similar but was unable to find this addressed in...
  5. 2016 Audio upgrade

    Interior Appearance/Mods
    Finished my audio upgrade to my 2016 Crosstrek Premium. It was a hell of a lot of work but well worth it. The sound is stellar and it's a much quieter ride. Kicker HS8 Hideaway Sub under drivers seat Alpine MRV-F300 Power Amp under passenger seat Kicker Dash Tweeters Kicker 40CS654 6.5 inch...
  6. 2015 7" audio system

    Crosstrek Community Discussions
    Hello, fellow Crosttrek fans A week ago, I took delivery of my new orange crosstrek premium with Eyesight, and I am awed by all the things this car can do. The Eyesight system is totally amazing, particularly in heavy traffic! One problem I could do with some help with is the Audio system...