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  1. Interior Appearance/Mods
    Hi all, 2018 Honda Civic driver here who is thinking about trading my Civic for a Crosstrek. My Civic has a camera on the passenger side mirror that displays a live feed on the main screen when the right blinker is activated. One thing holding me back from switching to the Crosstrek is the...
  2. Audio/Navigation/In-Dash Displays
    I recently traded my 2018 honda pilot for a 2021 crosstrek, my honda had a right side blindspot camera that activated with the right turn signal. is there any way to add a camera to the 2021 crosstrek that i can view through the factory radio so i can mimmic this feature from my honda thank you
  3. Audio/Navigation/In-Dash Displays
    I'm more than likely picking up a 2013 Crosstrek Limited model in the next week. The radio that comes with it is the smaller screen with the two nobs, so not the navigation system. From other forum posts I've gathered that it's relatively easy to install a new head unit (with a screen) however...
1-3 of 3 Results