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  1. General Maintenance & Troubleshooting
    Hi all, My crosstrek is giving me the odd beeping and there are no corresponding lights on the dash. I can't figure out what the beep might be about. It's just one beep and every few minutes or so. Then it won't happen for awhile.... Any ideas?
  2. Audio/Navigation/In-Dash Displays
    Hi folks, I've seen some threads on this but either very old or not specific to my Model and Year. If I missed a thread please redirect me! I wanted to hear thoughts on process of updating the nav system. I bought the car used last year and have no idea if the system is up-to-date. Though...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Just received my car. Super excited, been lusting over the crosstreks forever. Been lurking in here for a week or so getting educated :-) It’s Venetian Red Pearl, aka maroon, 2.0 premium with the 5 speed manual transmission. Primary use will be commuting with weekend adventures out in the...
  4. General Performance and Off-Road Chat
    Hey Club Crosstrek, I was thinking about getting my Crosstrek a lift kit and was wondering if anyone knows a good shop to get it installed on Long Island, NY? Preferably towards the east end but any suggestions are welcome. I want someone I know has done this on a Crosstrek before. Most places...
  5. The Autoshow
    SO the Crosstrek was getting tired of Southern California, so I took her to my meeting in Phoenix today. She handled it like a champ and on the way home we visited some deserted buildings. This gas station was not much help, but I did enjoy the Arizona gas with $1.10 less in taxes. What a...
1-5 of 5 Results