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  1. Crosstrek Community Discussions
    Hi All, New member here. The time has come to retire my beloved old model forester at 253k miles and I'm looking at Crosstreks. I have a few concerns, though, that I was hoping current owners might be able to speak to. 1) The first has to do with headlights: I rented a 2019 Legacy for a few...
  2. New Member Introductions
    i just bought my 3rd subaru, and 1st crosstrek. since i wanted (yet another) manual transmission, and since my forester was falling apart in my hands (186,000 miles, in 11 years, visor popped off into my hands 1 mile from dealership & new car, a few days after a nearly flat tire & dead...
  3. Exterior Appearance/Mods
    Any thoughts on which is a better choice for my 2014?
  4. Exterior Appearance/Mods
    New to the site! I bought a pair of HID's and the light was reflecting everywhere and blinding everyone. Is their an alternative for lighting without changing the housing right now? I just noticed driving down from the mountains at night, its not as bright. So far ive just bought a phillips...
1-4 of 4 Results