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    Hello, We just bought our 2014 Crosstrek XV Hybrid Touring last week. The dealer mentioned that the car shakes at higher speeds (65-70MPH) but we didn't notice anything during the test drive. Now, 5 days after purchase, it has started shaking again AND shows all the signs that the hybrid batter...
  2. General Maintenance & Troubleshooting
    here is the summary This bulletin provides a diagnostic procedure along with transmission control module (tcm) reprogramming files to address isolated customer concerns of a "bump" feeling from the cvt. the bump feeling has been reported to occur after the c... Cannot find the tsb anywhere on...
  3. Crosstrek Hybrid Topics
    Does anyone have a tow hitch on a hybrid? I've seen the factory recommendation against towing but I am interested in hauling bicycles using a tow hitch since I want a cargo box on the top. Anyone out there that has experience with this? Thank you very much.