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  1. 2 inch lift with original tires anyone?

    Crosstrek Community Discussions
    Hi everyone. I just got a 2020 Crosstrek a month ago. I love it! I got the STI wheels and love them too. Has anyone got a picture of a Crosstrek lifted with just the original tires and wheels? I'm dying to left it but for now I can't justify replacing the tires. Also worried about warranty...
  2. The latest one isn't testing our marriage...:)

    Welcome Mat | New Member Introductions
    Maybe ten years ago, we had 2nd? gen outback that we spent WAY too much money on while resurrecting it. A serious test of our budget and marriage.:mad: But-- we both loved how it handled. Since then we have gotten a 2008 Outback that has been a great car for us. It would have cost $12k at...
  3. 2017 XV 2 inch lift vibration

    General Performance and Off-Road Chat
    Hey guys, I just lifted my 2017 2 inches (ADF), and I have been feeling just a SLIGHT vibration when accelerating in second gear, sometimes first. I was wondering if anyone had the same feeling with their lifted crosstrek? I'm assuming it's the cv axles all at a different angle. Anyways, other...