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  1. Audio/Navigation/In-Dash Displays
    I need help! I bought a brand new 2021 Crosstrek in February and I was cleaning my radio and touch screen area of the car with a slightly wet microfiber towel today and I'm not sure what happened but the screen won't stop glitching. At first I couldn't press anything and now all my stations have...
  2. General Maintenance & Troubleshooting
    I purchased my new fully loaded Limited 2018 Crosstrek this past Feb w/Harman Kardons and occasionally the front right speaker will carry a fuzz effect upon starting the car and will remain until the car is turned off for a period of time and restarted. This doesn't always work, but it leads me...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Greetings from central Virginia. Picked up my first Subaru between Christmas and New Years, a new white 2016 Crosstrek Premium. My new Crosstrek was promptly stolen. It was recovered less than an hour after reporting the theft, thanks to local city and county police, and thanks to Subaru for...
1-3 of 3 Results