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  1. SoCal - CROSSTREK 2017 OEM Wheels 17 " (with Geolandar Tires) - $450

    Personal For Sale
    For sale by owner. Condition: Used but in good condition Original factory Alloy Wheels (x4) made in Japan ; and Geolandar Yokohama Tires (x4). Rim Diameter: 17 Center caps and valve stems are not included with the sale of the wheels. For local/in-the-area buyers only. Ontario, California / SoCal
  2. Stock 2019 Limited Wheels for Sale (Seattle) - $500

    Personal For Sale
    I had new wheels and tires installed on my XV limited after purchase and have been storing the stock wheels in the garage since. These are in excellent condition. Pictures attached. Price - $500 I reused the center caps and tpms sensors in my new wheels, so I don't have those, and I...
  3. 2017 Crosstrek Mods

    Tires and Wheels
    Hey everyone, new Subaru owner here with my 2017 Crosstrek. I’m starting to look into some mods so I can start taking her out on some trails and was looking for some advice on lift kits, wheels, tires, etc. Not knowing much about this kind of thing I could really use some recommendations from...
  4. The latest one isn't testing our marriage...:)

    Welcome Mat | New Member Introductions
    Maybe ten years ago, we had 2nd? gen outback that we spent WAY too much money on while resurrecting it. A serious test of our budget and marriage.:mad: But-- we both loved how it handled. Since then we have gotten a 2008 Outback that has been a great car for us. It would have cost $12k at...

    Tires and Wheels
    I have read many threads and I am still confused about the new 2018 Cross treks on new frames. So what is the best AT tire to get put on stock rims from dealer? I do not see need to buy new rims and tires if I don't need to. Using this in Mountains of NC this winter not real heavy off roading...
  6. Best off road tire for the stock crosstrek rim?

    General Performance and Off-Road Chat
    What's the best OFF road tire for the stock crosstrek rim? With a 2" lift, so can you get a bigger tire?
  7. Tire Blew

    Crosstrek Community Discussions
    Hey Gang, Just bought my Crosstrek in November. Somehow today I tore the wall of the tire while driving and it went completely flat. I put the spare on but it looks tiny. Anyone have experience driving on the spare? I've heard the AWD is super sensitive and I don't want to ruin anything...