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  1. Interior Appearance/Mods
    I've ordered a new 2023 Crosstrek (can't wait for it to come in) and I want to use it to tow a small (less that 900lb) boat and trailer. The Subaru tow package is $600-800 and after-market I can get for less than $250. I was told by the dealer though that the Subaru installed hitch is more...
  2. Exterior Appearance/Mods
    I currently am driving a '14 XV 5 speed manual. I have not installed a tow hitch as I am still researching on its effect on the XV. The system I have an eye on is the Torklift Central's "Ecohitch Invisible" system. I would opt for the 2" versus the 1.25" as the 2" hitch has many accessories...
1-2 of 2 Results