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2014 XV speaker upgrade

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1st post here, hope that someone can help a bit with some wiring questions.

My 2014 XV/crosstrek has the factory Kenwood sat-nav head unit based on the Thailand model I belive. I live in Indonesia. it looks like this:

One day I would love to upgrade this unit, since its slow, and out dated, but for now I need to sort out the critical components that are literally broken.

The factory speakers in my car is starting to fail now (well I think since a long time, but actually gonna finally do something about it now).

The front left speaker is totally dead, and the rear left has a bit of a crackle.

To start with, I have ordered a set of new speakers to install in the front, these ones:

This would allow me to replace both the door speakers as well as the tweeters in the front console. I have looked up the tutorial on Crutchfield's website about how to access all the speakers, they have explained it in good detail and i am quite confident that i will be able to open everything and access the speakers easily enough.

I plan to also sound proof/dampen/insulate the door panels at the same time. ive bought sheets of 2mm Butyl Rubber, and 5mm close cell foam. looking thought forums and youtube videos, this seems to really help with the sound quality.

However, I cant seem to find any clear instructions about installing a new speaker set which has a crossover module. From what I was able to understand, is that the head unit is a 4 channel amp, with the front door speakers and the tweeters wired up in parallel.

Does the main wire coming from the head unit go to the door panel first and then doubles back to the tweeter in the dash? or the other way round? I am not sure where I would need to install the crossover module at this point.

thanks in advance if anyone could lend me a hand to help understand this better.

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