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[2015] DIY brake fluid flush and ABS...

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Closing in on 200k on my 2015 XV and looking at a DIY brake fluid flush. This will be my first time doing it (myself) on the XV, and was planning on doing it via the callipers (how I used to do it on my old, pre-Subaru ride). No power bleed or anything like that, just the old "get someone to step on the brakes, open the valve, bleed some fluid, tighten the valve, release the brakes...and repeat). Is this method OK for the XV? Just not sure what people are doing for a DIY brake fluid flush with regards to the ABS?

Any advice would be appreciated.
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Your method will work fine, no need to worry about the ABS system.

You can make the job easier with a hand vacuum pump like this:

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