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Hi all,

First new Subaru (have some experience from the past), first post. Yes, already trawled the internet, looked at every webpage in every language, memorized the manual, and mind melded with the designers. Sorry, no, still didn't get an answer, so here I am even knowing that this has been asked a million times.

Behind my head unit (the Starlink 6.5" standard on a 2018 Premium) is a fan sound. Sounds like a tiny cooling fan, of the computer-case-fan variety. I figure it is indeed a cooling fan for the infotainment deal. It's quiet enough that it can only be heard when the car is off and in a quiet place.

The thing: it hasn't once deactivated since I purchased the car.

If it's a ~2W fan, then that's more than the parasitic draw than I'm interested in having. Also I doubt the fan bearing will last as long as the HU (assuming they're related) if the fan runs 24/7.

Any of you have this going on? I haven't looked into firmware/etc. yet but that's next. Could I be wrong that it's a fan?

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