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Subaru does not officially offer a remote start option on the manual transmission 18+ Crosstrek. And it so happens I have installed a few remote starters in my travels, so I decided to install a simple 1 way, 1 button remote start on my 19’ Premium.

Products used:

Fortin Evo-All (
Fortin Flash-link update module (
Crimestopper RS1-G5 (RS1-G5 - 1-Button Remote Start System | Crimestopper™)


10mm wrench & socket
Phillips screwdriver
Trim removal tool
Soldering Iron

These are just my findings from my personal installation, using free online information and diagrams from the links above. I hold no responsibility if you also decide to try and cause yourself issues and or fires.

I am not sure if Crimestopper is actually in business as they were bought out recently and many products now list as discontinued sadly, but as of this post there is still availability of products on the internet. The immobilizer can be configured to work with any remote start unit if these become unavailable.

For the immobilizer bypass I use only the Fortin evo-all for my remote start projects. I have also used Directed remote start and bypass products over the years but their choice to put every diagram and update bedhind a paywall has made me choose to support Fortin as they keep all that open for personal use and seem to be an upstanding Canadian company.

In all it was 15 soldered connections and 3-4 hours at a non-rush pace and a break to program and update the immobilizer info into the unit.
Only the side panel trim by the door and the lower knee trim panels have to be removed, I did unbolt the knee-airbag but did not want to disconnect it as I didn’t see an easily removable connector on it.

On the programming/setup for the remote start with manual trans everything data driven with rpm, door/hood trigger, and parking brake is passed over from OBD to the immobilizer and sent to remote start as well. However with this car I had to program the tach sense (On other MT Subies I remember this just working without programming but not sure).

With manual trans you also need to set an “Arming” mode to ensure you leave it in neutral with parking brake set. First you start with the car running and in neutral, set the parking brake then push the remote start button and the system turns on and waits for the door to open and you to remove the key out of the ignition. You then get out and press the remote start button again to turn off the car and arm the system for the next start. Upon closing the door the car locks and arms security.

The install itself was easy and only the clutch wire caused the most acrobatic positions and colorful curse words, mostly just to get in position to solder it but once everything was wired up there is plenty of room under the column and behind the airbag module to work thankfully.

Also I just noticed the radio will stay on the ~5 min to auto shutoff with no option to change that. Not a deal breaker for me as all the safety interlocks are working so I’m happy.

If anyone has any questions or needs help feel free to post here and I can help to the best of my knowledge.
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